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Accused of Rape Arrested

Police has arrested 19 years old Dhirendra Thapa of Sukhaphanta Municipality-9, Sisaiya and 18 years old Bhupes Air on charge of raping 17 years old girl on 18 August. Inspector Nainsingh saud said the accused was arrested and under inverstingation as per the complaint filed by victim’s famil....

August 19, 2019  
Man Arrested for Killing his Wife

Police have arrested 20 years old Yakub Pariyar of Gorkha Municipality-9, Laxmibazar on charge of killing his 20 years old wife Pura Pariyar by cutting throat on 17 August. Police said, Yakub was arrested on charge of killing his wife Puja on 17 August around 10 PM. ....

August 18, 2019  
Accused of Sexual Abuse Arrested

Police have arrested Rakesh Yadav, 23, of Balara Municipality-6, Mirjapur on charge of sexually abusing 11 years old girl on 16 August. Neighbors heard the scream of girl while accused was sexually assaulting her on 15 August and informed Area Police Office, Balara. ....

August 17, 2019  
Man Arrested for Killing Wife

Police have arrested Mutki Patel, 39, of Kalikamai Rural Municipality-5 on charge of killing his wife Sangita Devi Patel, 35, by striking sharp weapon on 17 August. The accused is alleged of killing his wife on evening of 16 August by striking share weapon ‘Gadasi’. ....

August 17, 2019  
CPN(Biplov)’s Cadres Arrested

Police had arrested Netra Bikram Chand(Biplov) lead CPN’s cadres Min bahadur  Houjali, 38, of Mandawi Rural Municipality-3 and Bam Bahadur buda, 33, of same place on 16 August. Police said that the Min Bahadur is district president of Youth organization and Bam bahadur is member of CPN (Bipl....

August 16, 2019  
Accused Arrested for Killing

Police had arrested Masane Kami, 61, of Dhorpatan Municipality-8, Bobang on charge of killing his elder brother Bhan Bahadur Kami, 64, and sister in law 60 years old Bima Kami whose dead body was found on 10 August. SP Nawaraj Bhatta of District Police office, Baglung said accused Kami was arrested....

August 16, 2019  


The dream of Going to School Remains as a dream Due to early Marriage

Baitadi/December 2, 2016 Slope land, young girls, chatting after resting their sack of gra....

December 2, 2016
Prison changing into Industry, Doing Jail term and Learning Skills

Holding bamboo stick and Khukuri in hand, he is sometimes sharpening the stick and making ....

November 7, 2016

INSEC Activities

Half Yearly Review of Human Rights Year Book Held

The pre-review of Human Rights Year Book-2020 was held in Diktel of Khotang on July 1. The program w....

July 1, 2019  
Public Hearing Held in Lalitpur

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) and Human Rights Networking of Lalitpur have organized a publ....

July 1, 2019  


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Human Rights, Humanitarian Law do not fall under the boundary of one country

Suryakiran Gurung is the President of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The commission was formed in 2013 April in order to collect and recommend to take action against the loss of human life and physical destruction during a decade long armed conflict. The Commission had appealed for collection of the complai....

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What are the planning of newly elected representative on ending women violence and empowering women ?

Radio, Television, newspapers and tabloids have been publishing news of women violence prevailing in the society in almost daily basis. The data shows that there has been increase in violence in our society. The campaigners active in this sectors have said that the registration of complaint and seeking for justice pr....

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Thirteen Years of Beni Attack:  System changed Pain remained

March 20 completes a 13 years anniversary since Myagdi headquarter Beni was attacked by CPN Maoist. The Beni attack was one of the biggest, among the nine attacks in district headquarters, during the Maoist armed conflict in terms of armed force, intensity and comprehensivity. What must have been gone through the min....

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Human Rights Radio Program (2019 April 14)

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Manohar Kumar Pokhrel

INSEC district representative Manohar Kumar Pokhrel of Saptari district has been chosen as a best district representative for the month of July. He is constantly writing and advocating for contemporary issues of human rights, as well as advocating for the rights of people at the grassroots level.


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