Sunday , 28th August 2016

Sunday , 28th August 2016

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Patients Facing Difficulties Due To the Shortage In Medicine

Patients at western Rolpa are facing difficulties due to the lack of medicines at Rank Health Post. Local Durgesh Oli said that there are only Citamol and Brufin tablets. He added that viral fever patients are also given only Citamol and they are not recovering from the ailment. ....

Post Update :August 28, 2016,   Rolpa/ August 28  
Accused Rapist Arrested

The Area Police Office of Dharan have arrested Dhana Bahadur Damai,36 of Dharan sub-metropolis -15 on August 26 on charge of raping a 27-year-old woman. The accused was arrested after complaint against him was lodged at police office accusing him of raping a post paternal woman on the night of Augu....

Post Update :August 28, 2016,   Sunsari/ August 28  
Difficulties in Management due to the Overcrowded Prison

The District prison of Ilam is facing difficulties in drinking water, health services and cleanliness due to  overcrowd of prisoners and detainees according to the administration. There are 268 prisoners and detainees in the prison which has capacity to accommodate only 125 prisoners and detainees....

Post Update :August 28, 2016,   Ilam/ August 28  
Patients in Difficulties Due to Lack of Health Professional At Health Posts

People at Shyamlila VDC of the district are facing difficulties in treatment after health professional did not present at health post. Two posts of health professional are vacant out of six and the health post is operating only with office assistant. ....

Post Update :August 28, 2016,   Bhojpur/ August 28  
Complaint Form of Earthquake Victims Lies inside the Bag of VDC Secretary

The complaint forms filled by earthquake victims whose names were missed from beneficiary lists have been dumped inside the bag of VDC secretary. The forms were dumped in the bag after the management committee did not show any concern on victims’ complaints. The victims had handed over complaints....

Post Update :August 27, 2016,   Okhaldhunga/ August 27  
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Living In a Pathetic Situation
(Posted on July 21, 2016)

Tearful eyes, feeble face and messy hair with blouse and Lungi, she is wandering aimlessly in search....

Families of Disappeared Persons Wait for Answers
(Posted on July 21, 2016)

Pale face. Faint voice. Tearful eyes. It has been long since they are knocking the doors of human ri....

Government’s Apathy Leaving Conflict Victims in Dire Needs
(Posted on July 21, 2016)

Walking around homes in the village with swollen feet and foraging for food for the family....

State Accused for Cheating Earthquake Victims
(Posted on August 25, 2016)

Ramechhap/ August 25 The locals of Bhatauli of Ramechhap said that state have cheated earthquake vic....

Earthquake Victims Complained Of Not Getting Relief Yet
(Posted on August 24, 2016)

Sindhuli/ August 23 A victim in a program complained that the families of those who lost their life ....

Earthquake Victim Accuses on Being Bias while Distributing Beneficiries ID Cards
(Posted on August 18, 2016)

The earthquake victims complained that due to the negligence and biasness of data department, names ....

Insec in News

Govt urged to save 5 Nepalis on death row / January 19th, 2015
Govt urged to save Nepalis from Indonesia execution
The himalayan Times / January 19th, 2015
HR activists propose South Asian Rights Mechanism
Kathmand Post / November 4th, 2015
“If the Government Shows Apathy in Implementing any Recommendations, We Will Publish the List”
For this issue of INFORMAL, Ramesh Timilsina interviewed Prakash Wasti Commissioner at National Human Rights Commission of Nepal (NHRC-Nepal) regarding publicizing the name of human rights violators in “Black List”. Excerpts of the interview: The NHRC’s recommendations are not implemented by the government. Will the names of hum....
Complete Ensure of Security
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission(TRC) and Commission on Investigation of Enforced Disappeared People(CIED) which was supposed to be formed within six months after the Comprehensive Peace Accord along with the end of 10 years of Maoist insurgency was formed after ten years. The Human Rights activists and conflict victims are suspicious on get....
Background Apathy, despair and confusion among Nepali political spheres and Nepali people are seen especially after Nepal’s first Constituent Assembly (2009-2012) and second Constitution Assembly (2013) could not draft a constitution within the stipulated time. There has been added confusion and uncertainty in industries, business and economic s....

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