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Accused of Killing Arrested

On September 28, police arrested 50-year-old Badrinath Mainali , on charges of assaulting and attempting to kill his father, Ramji Mainali (73 years old), his mother, Maya Mainali (65 years old), and his brother, Kedar Mainali (40 years old), during a domestic dispute over family property in Hetauda Sub-metropolitan city-3. The vi....

September 29, 2023  
Pharmacists Arrested For Medical Malpractice

Police arrested 52-year-old Bishnu Kumari Garouza Magar, who operates Prajun Thapa Medical Hall in Byas Municipality-3 Parasartol, and 45-year-old Chandra Bahadur Choudhary, who runs Mitrata Health Clinic in Ansan Chautari, Beas Municipality-3, Dounhia, Bhajani Municipality-6, Kailali District. They were arrested on charges of admitting and treating patients outside....

September 29, 2023  
Teacher Accused of Physical Assault Arrested

A complaint was filed against a 30-year-old computer teacher, Rishikesh Pandey, at the district police office on September 28. The complaint alleged that he had beaten an 11-year-old girl who was studying in class five at Sunshine Residential High School in Kapilvastu Municipality-1. Human rights activist Pushpa Regmi stated that ....

September 29, 2023  
Three Accused of Killing Arrested

The district police office has arrested three individuals, including Manisha Devi Sah’s husband, Sunil Sah (26), on the charge of killing 23-year-old Manisha Devi Sah of Ramnagar Rural Municipality-1, Khairwa, on September 27. As the circumstances surrounding the incident were suspicious, the police arrested the deceased’s husband, Sunil Sah, along with his 49-year-old father....

September 29, 2023  
Accused Of Rape Arrested

Police arrested 35-year-old Gorakh Bahadur Budha of Kharpunath Rural Municipality-1, Gopka from Simkot on September 27, 2023 for the crime of rape of a 30-year-old woman. The victim alleged that the accused had raped her in Thali Rural Municipality on September 2, 2023. Bhimlal Bhattarai, DSP at the District Police Office informed....

September 28, 2023  
Recommendation to Dismiss Police Inspector Accused of Incitement Violence Against Medical Professional

The District Police Office in Kaski has recommended the suspension of Inspector Madan Shrestha to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Inspector Shrestha is facing this recommendation due to his involvement in a dispute and making remarks that allegedly incited violence against doctors. These remarks were made during his intervention in a dispute involving the relatives of a patient, 57-year-ol....

September 28, 2023  


Situation of Malnutrition Concerning in Jumla

In the midst of a challenging and heart-rending situation, Harilal Budha, a 24-year-old fa....

August 11, 2023
Children from Karnali, Victims of Malnourishment 

Surkhet A small thatched, doorless hut surrounded by timbers is in a broken-down condition....

July 17, 2023
Ten-Year Armed Conflict Ends, Calls for Justice from Conflict Victims Persist

Rasuwa Following a decade-long armed conflict in the pursuit of radical change, the nation....

June 27, 2023

INSEC Activities

INSEC Concludes Environmental Rights Workshop in Saptari

On July 10, Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Madhesh Province successfully concluded a worksho....

July 11, 2023  
244 Incidents of Human Rights Violations and Abuses Documented in Gandaki

In Gandaki Province, a total of 244 incidents of human rights violations and abuses have been record....

July 7, 2023  
Completion of Semi-Annual Review

The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) Makawanpur has successfully conducted a semi-annual revie....

July 4, 2023  


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People’s Representatives Should Be Honest in Their Responsibility

Former Speaker Damannath Dhungana is a prominent figure revered for his advocacy of human rights, democracy, and civil liberties within Nepal. During the protracted ten-year armed conflict, Dhungana demonstrated significant leadership and mediation capabilities, playing a pivotal role under the guidance of Padmaratna....

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Education and Health, Our Priority

Local-level elections were held twice in the country after the government structure of the Federal Republic. In 2017, elections in all 753 were held in three phases 2017 and one phase in 2022. Elected representatives are doing exemplary work in the field of human rights. What kind of works are being implemented in th....

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Embracing Coexistence for Human Rights Protection and Development

The Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) has been a leading advocate for human rights in Nepal since its establishment in 1989."I pay my heartfelt tribute to the late respected Prakash Kafle, expressing my highest respect for him, as well as to the human rights activist Sushil Pyakurel, the founder of this organization with such a glorious histor....


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Plights of the Missing, Still Unheard

In the detailed peace agreement signed between the then CPN-Maoist and the Government of Nepal on November 21, 2006, it is mentioned about making public the situation of forcibly disappeared citizens. November 5 is recorded as the official end of the armed conflict started by the Maoists on February 13, 1996, in Nepa....

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