Monday , 27th February 2017

Monday , 27th February 2017

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Accused Molester Arrested

The Area Police Office of Lahan has arrested 25 years old Binod Mahara of Lahan Municipality-12 on charge of molesting 13 years old girl. The victim was molested by the accused on February 24 and complaint agsint him was lodged by the victim’s family on February 26. The accused has been ar....

Post Update :February 27, 2017 ,    
Explosion in the premises of Drabya Shah Campus

There was an explosion in the premises of Drabya Shah Campus located at Gorkha Municipality-Laxmibazar on the morning of February 27. There was no physical or human loss in an explosion according to police inspector Maheshwor Upadyaya of DPO. Police said that no one has been identified yet behin....

Post Update :February 27, 2017 ,    
Complaint lodged against accused of rape

A complaint against 51 years old Tika Ram Damai of Ratancha VDC-3 has been lodged at police office on February 26 on charge of raping 50 years old woman. The accused was arrested by the police on February 23 on charge of raping her on February 20. He will be char....

Post Update :February 27, 2017 ,    
Clash between students, three injured

At least three students were injured in a clash between ANNISU, NSU and Akhil (revolutionary) pannel over the issue of election of independent student union. Madan Singh, 16 of Manma VDC-5, Mandi Raj Rokaya, 17 of Thirpu VDC-5, Nabin Shahi, 17 of Daha VDC-3 were injured after a Akhil revolutionary led by Laxman Bom hurled stones at them. The injured are having treatment at District Hospi....

Post Update :February 27, 2017 ,    
Various Political Parties Registered Constitution Amendment Proposal

Parliamentarians of various political parties have presented 15 amendment proposal over constitution amendment bill presented by the government few days ago. The parliamentarian secretariat had given a time limit till February 26 for the registration of amendment proposal. The parties presenting the amendment proposal includes parliamentarians from present government and other opposition....

Post Update :February 26, 2017 ,    
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The dream of Going to School Remains as a dream Due to early Marriage
(Posted on December 2, 2016 )

Baitadi/December 2, 2016 Slope land, young girls, chatting after resting their sack of grasses that ....

Prison changing into Industry, Doing Jail term and Learning Skills
(Posted on November 7, 2016 )

Holding bamboo stick and Khukuri in hand, he is sometimes sharpening the stick and making chairs and....

Living In a Pathetic Situation
(Posted on July 21, 2016 )

Tearful eyes, feeble face and messy hair with blouse and Lungi, she is wandering aimlessly in search....

District level Human Rights Watch Group Formed
(Posted on January 7, 2017 )

With the objective of establishing access of civilian to education, food and health rights, an eleve....

Human Rights watch group re-formed
(Posted on January 4, 2017 )

Informal Service Sector Center (INSEC) has re-formed District level Human Rights Watch Group under i....

Report made public on 1,035 victims in 2016
(Posted on January 3, 2017 )

A discussion program on Human Rights situation and issues of media personnel and Human Rights defend....

Insec in News

HR activists propose South Asian Rights Mechanism
Kathmand Post / November 4th, 2015
Govt urged to save Nepalis from Indonesia execution
The himalayan Times / January 19th, 2015
Human Rights, Humanitarian Law do not lie with in the boundary of one country
Suryakiran Gurung is the President of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The commission was formed in 2013 April in order to collect and recommend to take action against the loss of human life and physical destruction during a decade long armed conflict. The Commission had appealed for collection of the complai....
Complete Ensure of Security
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission(TRC) and Commission on Investigation of Enforced Disappeared People(CIED) which was supposed to be formed within six months after the Comprehensive Peace Accord along with the end of 10 years of Maoist insurgency was formed after ten years. The Human Rights activists and conflict victims are suspicious on get....
Background Apathy, despair and confusion among Nepali political spheres and Nepali people are seen especially after Nepal’s first Constituent Assembly (2009-2012) and second Constitution Assembly (2013) could not draft a constitution within the stipulated time. There has been added confusion and uncertainty in ind....