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Nationwide Lockdown Prolonged Till 15 April 2020

The government has added eight more days to the ongoing lockdown and prolonged it till 15 April 2020. A cabinet meeting held on 6 April 2020, its decision was taken. After finding the first case of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, the first lockdown was declared on 24 March – 31 March 2020. Later it was stretched till 7 April 2020. Meanwhile, the infection was found in local level....

April 7, 2020  
Corona Virus: Situation Update of Far West Province

The federal government, the state government, and the local government are making various efforts to prevent the spread of the pandemic COVID-19 virus. Lockdown is done to prevent and control possible infections. Lockdown is in full compliance mode. Although the number of corona virus-infected has increased in the Far West region. The Ministry of Health and Populati....

April 6, 2020  
Corona Virus: Situation Update of Province Five

For the prevention and control of coronavirus outbreak, province and local government of Province Five have implemented various initiatives. Chief Minister (CM) Shankar Pokhrel had a video conference with local government’s chairpersons and Chief District Officer (CDO) of Rukum (east) district, in order to understand the corona virus situation and give suggestions for effective actions. CM Po....

April 6, 2020  
Corona Virus: Situation Update Gandaki Province

Cabinet meeting of Gandaki Province held on 5 April has decided to supervise and support the health institutions of the province. It is also notified that government or private hospitals that refuse to provide health services to the sick ones will not be excused. The hospital or responsible person found with such an act will be punished under “Nepal’s Infectious Disease Act” and other pre....

April 6, 2020  
Government Decides to Tighten Commuting

To control the risk of COVID-19, government has decided to tighten the rules of commuting from one place to other i.e. province-to-province or district-to-district. A Cabinet meeting held on 4 April 2020, it was decided to stop citizens from moving from one local unit to another and from one district to another, according to the g....

April 5, 2020  
Corona Virus: Status of Province Two

Dhanusha District Representatives (DRs) have reported that to prevent and control COVID-19 outbreak, there have been various initiatives by Province 2. Suspected cases are kept under quarantine, however the number of cases are increasing. Province government is coordinating with local government for doing home visit tests to foreign returnees and their families against c....

April 5, 2020  


Five things you should know now about the COVID-19 pandemic

1) What’s the difference between an epidemic and a pandemic? Before WHO March 11 announc....

March 19, 2020
The dream of Going to School Remains as a dream Due to early Marriage

Baitadi/December 2, 2016 Slope land, young girls, chatting after resting their sack of gra....

December 2, 2016

INSEC Activities

Social Evils Will Eradicate: Deputy Speaker Gharti

Pushpa Gharti, Deputy Speaker of Karnali Province has said of forming laws that will eradicate socia....

December 29, 2019  
Unknown to justice; victim deprived of compensation: Shrestedar Burlakoti

Even when the state has strong rule of law, the victims are unaware about justice for the crimes tha....

December 23, 2019  


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Corona cannot infect disciplined and healthy lifestyle: Dr. Rabindra Samir

From the past few months, the world is terrorized by Corona Virus (Covid-19). There were 308,615 victims of Corona till 8pm of 22 March 2020 among which 13,071 had died. A lot of precautions were taken to control the infection of Corona in Nepal. In the same context, editor of inseconline had a conversation with Public Health Expert Dr. Rab....

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If Human Nature and Behavior Is Changed Then Corona Won’t Trouble Us

In today’s world, information flows very fast hence it is important to make sure that fake information isn’t spread. Fake information creates panic situation. Every published or broadcasted information may not be factual. So, it should not be presented unless verified. World Health Organization had declared Novel....

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Corona Virus (Covid-19)- Myths and Facts (24 FAQs)

Some facts regarding the rumours and myths of Covid-19 by the Ministry of Health and Population, World Health Organization, UNICEF Nepal Does corona virus transfer through mosquito bites? ....

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