Corona Virus (Covid-19)- Myths and Facts (24 FAQs)

Some facts regarding the rumours and myths of Covid-19 by the Ministry of Health and Population, World Health Organization, UNICEF Nepal

Does corona virus transfer through mosquito bites?

Till now, there are no such cases in which Covid-19 is transferred from mosquito bites. This virus is transmitted through respiration. This virus is transmitted from the droplets of sneeze, cough or mucus of the infected ones to the healthy ones.

Can eating garlic protect us from corona virus ?

There are no cases as such till date. Garlic is good for our body but there are no proofs of it preventing corona.

Does the massage of sesame oil prevent the corona virus from entering the body?

Massaging with sesame oil does not prevent the corona virus from entering the body. Sesame oil does not kill the corona virus. To disinfect the corona virus on the ground or on the surface, 1 percent ethanol, a chemical or solvent containing 7.5 percent sodium hypochlorite, should be used. These chemicals should never be used in human body. Such chemicals are harmful to the skin.

Does drinking water prevent corona virus infection?

Drinking water is essential for stay healthy. But it does not prevent corona virus infection.

Does the corona virus only affect the elderly or are the youth also at risk?

Corona virus can be transmitted to people of all ages. But senior citizens and those already suffering from health problems such as asthma, diabetes, heart disease, are at risk of becoming fatal with the virus.The World Health Organization recommends that the soapy water be used periodically for washing hands or use alcoholic sanitizers, to prevent the virus after coughing and sneezing.

Is the use of antibiotics effective in preventing and treating the corona virus infection?

Since antibiotics have the ability to fight only bacteria (bacteria), the use of antibiotics does not prevent or treat the corona virus infection. If you are hospitalized due to a corona virus infection, you may have bacterial infection because of the antibiotic.

Is there a medicine to prevent or treat the corona virus?

So far no drugs have been discovered to prevent or treat the corona virus.But the infected should be treated and cared for according to their symptoms. Serious treatment and care is provided by treating the seriously ill, infected with this virus in hospital. Studies are being conducted in many countries regarding its treatment, and the World Health Organization is rapidly advancing studies and research on this subject in coordination with partners.

Is a hand dryer effective for killing the corona virus?

A hand dryer can never be effective for killing the corona virus. The best way to prevent corona virus infection is to use a hand wash or alcoholic sanitizer with soapy water occasionally. After washing hands, a paper towel or hand dryer can be used to dry the soaked hand. But not everyone should use the same handkerchief.

Is it safe to get a letter or any other materials from China?

There is no risk of transmitting the Corona virus to goods or letters from China because it has been confirmed that corona viruses do not live long in objects such as letters or boxes.

Can UV rays (Ultra Violet rays) kill the corona virus?

UV rays cannot kill the corona virus. But such radiations can cause allergies to the hands or other body parts.

How effective is it to detect whether a person is infected by corona virus or not with a thermal scanner at the airport?

Thermal scanners help anyone to detect if a person has fever or not.Since the symptoms of the corona virus infection may be seen from 2 to 14 days, this thermal scanner cannot detect if a person has an infection unless he/she has fever.

Does the corona virus die when alcohol or chlorine is applied to the entire body or is it spread to the body?

Once the corona virus enters into the body, alcohol or chlorine applied or sprayed into the body can’t kill the virus. On the contrary, spraying can harm the tiny holes in your clothes or body as well as the eyes, mouth, nose, etc. Remember, alcohol and chlorine can disinfect the floor or surface if used properly.


Can the corona virus be transmitted from pets?

It has not yet been confirmed that pets like dogs and cats have been infected with the corona virus and transmitted it. But after touching a pet, you should always wash your hands with soap and water. In this way, soap water can protect from various bacterial infections, such as ‘ecoli’ and ‘salmonella’, which can transmit from pets to humans.

Does the vaccine against pneumonia protect us from the corona virus infection?

Vaccines against pneumonia such as ‘pneumococcal vaccine’ and ‘hemophilus influenza’ type B vaccines do not protect against the corona virus. Since it is a new and different virus, it requires a different type of vaccine. Researches are conducted to develop the vaccine against the corona virus, but have not yet been discovered. Although vaccines against pneumonia are not useful for the prevention of corona virus, it is recommended to apply these vaccines for health to prevent respiratory problems.

Can corona virus infection be wiped out by saline water?

Until now, there has been no evidence that saline water can prevent corona virus infection due to regular nasal cleansing.

Can rising mouth with mouthwash prevent corona virus infection?

There is no evidence till date that corona virus infection can be prevented by the use of mouthwashes. Although the use of mouthwashes of some companies may temporarily eradicate some of the viruses that are inside the mouth, it cannot protect against coronary infections.

Can the corona virus survive in hot weather or humid temperatures?

The corona virus spreads everywhere in heat or cold and with humidity or dry temperatures. Precautions should be taken either it is summer or winter. To avoid this, you should occasionally wash your hands with soap and water. The nose and mouth should be covered with hands or tissues or elbows when coughing and sneezing. The tissues used should be disposed immediately and hands should be cleaned either by rubbing sanitizers or washing with soap and water.

Does drinking alcohol prevent corona virus infection?

Alcohol does not protect against corona virus infection.

 How can floor or surfaces be disinfected?

If the floor or surface is dirty, first thoroughly clean the floor with soap or detergent water. Chlorinated chemicals or solvents used in domestic disinfectants on the market can kill bacteria and viruses. Gloves should always be used when using such chemicals or solvents. Such chemicals should never be used with bare hands.

Does cigarette smoking affect the corona virus?

Smoking cigarettes does not prevent corona virus infection. Smoking is harmful to health. Each year 8 Million people face untimely death from smoking. People with various health problems, including heart, are more prone to the increased risk of corona virus.

What can be done if there is no sanitizer in the shop?

Nothing happens even when sanitizers are not found. Occasionally washing your hands with soap and water reduces the risk of the corona virus. Hands should be thoroughly washed between the fingers, the palms and the knuckles as well for atleast 20 seconds.

Does the corona virus transfer from faeces?

Like other corona viruses, this new corona virus is also found in faeces. This virus is transmitted from the droplets of sneeze, cough or mucus of the infected ones to the healthy ones. Therefore, to avoid its infection, use alcohol based sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water, cover the nose and mouth with hand or tissue or elbow when coughing and sneezing. Maintain distance with people suffering from common cold.

Can the corona virus be caused by the air coming from the drain or drainage?

Corona virus infection is not yet reported to be transmitted from the air or odor of drain or drainage. According to recent facts, the corona virus transmits from one person to another by the infected droplets of sneeze, cough or mucus.

Can a herbs, garlic or turmeric protect the corona virus infection?

Eating garlic, herbs and turmeric is beneficial for health, it also helps keep us healthy. But until now, the use of garlic, herbs and turmeric has not been found to be protecting from corona virus infection.

Source: Sited From UNICEF Nepal

Translated By: Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) 

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