What are the planning of newly elected representative on ending women violence and empowering women ?

Radio, Television, newspapers and tabloids have been publishing news of women violence prevailing in the society in almost daily basis. The data shows that there has been increase in violence in our society. The campaigners active in this sectors have said that the registration of complaint and seeking for justice process have increased simultaneously. Except province number 2, in other provinces, the local level election has been concluded along with its implementation. Elected people’s representatives are already engaged in various work by making plans and policies. On this context, we have asked recently elected women representatives about their future plan to end women violence and women empowerment planning.

Kantika Sejuwal

Mayor, Chandan Nath Municipality, Jumla

Kantika SejuwalThe programs and policies of 2017/18 has been adopted from City Council inorder to work for women rights and to end women violence. The foremost important thing to end women violence is awareness. It is very important to make people aware on this. The Chandan Nath Municipality has allocated one million Rupees for the women empowerment campaign. My future planning is to bring policy program and empowering women to end women violence. For this financial year also, a million rupees has been allocated to minimize child marriage, untouchability and women violence. Three member committee has been formed in coordination of vice Mayor Apsara Devi Neupane with the objective of providing justice to the victims and minimizing women violence. This committee will especially work in the field of women violence and women rights.

Eek Maya B.K

Vice-chair Khajura Village Council, Banke

Yak Maya BKThe minimization of women violence is the first priority. The important this is to prevent women violence rather than reaching into agreement. The violence is in increasing trend due to poverty, illiteracy rate, economic status, untouchability and dowry etc. Education is must at first. It is important to give formal and informal education not only to school going children but also to all family members. At the same time it is important to aware people. Daughters must be given education. The trend of dropping out of male students from the school and going to the wrong path is rampant and there can be reduction in violence if we are able to minimize it. It is important to formulate policies and program along with its implementation to end women violence. It is seen that modern technologies is also playing role on violence and it is important to aware pros and cons of technology. It is important to teach responsibility along with rights.

Sushma Chaudhary

Vice-Mayor, Bansgadhi Municipality Bardiya

Susma ChaudharyStill now in our society, child marriage, polygamy, allegation of being witch, domestic violence is rampant among women just because they are women. In these incidents, the data shows that women are maximum victims. These incidents are happening in the name of old social norms. At present, the constitution has provided equal rights to women as men and despite of this, the problem still prevails in our society. It is important to break this trend and move forward.

The newly elected representatives are preparing to move forward by making especial policy in women sector similar to others. For this, in Basgadhi municipality, I am planning to move ahead with especial policy for women. Awareness is essential on ending women violence and making women rights friendly family and community. Along with this, capacity building, financial increment, skilled training operation and providing expert women health professional for women is under planning.

Similarly, freedom for women, opportunity and establishing their rights along with the implementation of Act for this is underway. From now on, the monitoring will be evaluated to make it more effective and accountable. This will give stress on effectiveness. I have made planning to implement the policy and regulation based on rights provided by the constitution on women rights to minimize women violence in the society. It will be coordinated with the concerned authority and stakeholders so as to move further ahead.

Manju Bhandari

Vice- Mayor, Dharan sub-metropolis, Sunsari

Manju Bhandari (2)I have a planning to make Dharan sub-metropolis a women friendly. It will be enforced soon after passing it through city council. No one will have to be the victim of gender violence just because of being woman. We have stressed on women empowerment for creating such environment and we are working for it. We have given priority to women especially from rural area to enhance their capacity. The municipality will give priority to provide justice to the women victim. For this, the mechanism will be made in city along with planning. The programs will be operated to make women empowered and financially capable.

Sharmila Gurung

Vice-Mayor, Gharpajhong Rural Municiaplity, Mustang

SarmilaGurungThis is a Hilly district with minimum population. Most of the Janajati people live in this area. In this district, there are 47% women and most of them are busy, independent and professional and may be because of that, the women violence is minimum in this district. However there are still some women violence due to the lack of education and awareness. As a representative, what I want to say is, this district, village and society itself is very beautiful and exemplary. I would like to urge everyone not to do violence or atrocity. Please inform the concerned body if someone conducts violence against women. Till now, there has been no news of violence reported in our office. We would like to show our commitment that we will give priority to the victim of women violence. I am always ready to drag those in legal boundary who commits women violence.

(Presented by: Man Datta Rawal-Jumla, Binod Pandey-Banke, Man Bahadur Chaudhary-Bardiya, Shekhar Dhakal-Sunsari and INSEC regional Office, Pokhara-Mustang)