Local Government is Committed to Healing Victims’ Pain

A huge property in various places in Rupandehi was damaged due to the intense fire a few days ago. The fire destroyed necessities including food, shelter, and clothes. Being the closest and reachable government to the citizens, has the government prioritized the efforts to address the immediate needs of those impacted by the disaster? What are the initiations taken by the Local Government to heal their pain in this situation? In this context, Rima BC, District Representative of INSEC Rupandehi prepared a viewpoint report along with some of the local level Chiefs affected by the fire in Rupandehi.

Bidhya Prasad Yadav

Chairperson of Rohini Rural Municipality

Rohini Rural Municipality is the most affected Rural Municipality in the district due to the fire. The fire destroyed 98 households at the local level among which 52 were completely damaged and the remaining got partial damages. The fire was able to be brought down by the cooperative efforts of the fire brigades from Devdaha, Siddhartha, and Tilotama Municipalities, the Nepali Army, the Armed Police Force, and the Nepal Police in the district. The victims are accommodated in a safe place and are helped with food and tarpaulin by various communities, locals, and organizations. Similarly, the District Administration Office has distributed a relief of Rs 15000 to each affected family of 52 houses through the Disaster Relief Fund. Similarly, the Ward Office provided each affected family with Rs 3000, mosquito nets, and Tarpaulin. In addition, the houses that faced complete damage received groceries including 50 kgs of rice, pulses, salt, and cooking oil.  Likewise, the Satyasai Seva Ashram also provided the victims with food aid. I would like to thank all those who helped during the disaster as the municipality is committed to healing the pain of the victims during the disaster.

Binod Kumar Shriwastava

Chairperson of Sammarimai Rural Municipality

Binod-Shreewastab-SammarimaiTwenty-six households in Sammarimai Rural Municipality were completely destroyed by the fire. Ward number 1 of the Rural Municipality alone faced damages worth around Rs 1,000,000. Similarly, the fire mostly affected the financially backward and marginalized communities of the Rural Municipality. Along with destroying material property including motorcycles, bicycles, and televisions, the fire also devastated the cattles. The Police Administration, Red Cross Society, locals, and other non-governmental organizations have extended their support to the victims by providing essential relief to alleviate the suffering caused by the fire. However, due to the absence of the Chief Administrative Officer for 16 days, the local level was unable to provide timely assistance to the victims. It is more saddening that the executive meeting was held and the decision was taken but the victims could not be provided with relief. However, the victims were helped individually. I heard that the Chief Administrative Officer has now arrived. Now we will immediately initiate to provide 15% of the damaged property  to the victims.

Sajruddin Musalman,

Mayor, Lumbini Cultural Municipality

Sagarudin-Musalman-Lumbini-Sanskirtik-Nagar-palikaThe fire destroyed 13 houses in Lumbini Cultural Municipality. It also burned wheat crops covering 3,600,000 square feet, as well as livestock, fruit gardens, and vegetable farms. The fire was extinguished with the help of Fire Brigades of Lumbini Cultural, Tilottama, Siddharthanagar, and Sainamaina Municipalities, Armed Police, Nepal Police, locals and others. Although there was no human loss due to the fire, a lot of material property was damaged. The full details of the damage caused by the fire are yet to come. The District Administration office is in the process of recommending names of fire victims for relief, while the local government has decided to support the fire victims through the executive meeting at the rate of Rs 1000 (1 bigha=14400 Square Feet) . Similarly, Immediate relief including food has been provided to the fire victims. The District Administration Office has gathered data to extend further assistance to provide Rs  15,000 each through the Disaster Relief Fund. In addition, the local level has provided relief at the rate of Rs 15,000 for the victims bearing complete damage and Rs 5,000 rupees for the families with partial damage. The affected individuals got food, tarpaulins, and other essential materials from the Red Cross Society. Furthermore, the Suji Foundation is providing clothing, food grains, rice, oil, and salt to victims who have experienced complete loss due to the fire.  We’ve made every effort to let the victims know that the local government stands with them during this challenging time. Moreover, we’re committed to supporting them through their difficulties. Once we get details regarding the damage we’ll proceed with appropriate assistance accordingly.

Gaya Prasad Baral

Chairperson, Marchabari Rural Municipality

Gaya-Psd-Barai-MarchawariThe fire has caused a lot of damage in Marchabari Rural Municipality due to excessive heat and loo winds in Terai. As a result of the fire, 21 families in Ward No. 1 and two families in Ward No. 2 of Marchbari Rural Municipality have been displaced. The majority of properties were completely destroyed by the fire. However, the collaborative efforts of the Nepal Army, Armed Police, Nepal Police, and the Local Government to put off the fire prevented further damage. The affected families have been distributed with relief by categorizing them into ‘A’ and ‘B’. The District Administration Office provided Rs.20,000 to an individual of ‘A’ category and Rs.15,000 to a family in ‘B’ category through the Disaster Relief Fund. Likewise, Six individuals classified under ‘A’ category received relief funds at a rate of Rs 25,000 each, while those categorized as ‘B’ received Rs 15,000 each. Additionally, families categorized under ‘C’ received Rs 10,000 each as support. Furthermore, essential food items such as pulses, rice, oil, salt, and tarpaulins have been distributed to the affected individuals. While there were no human casualties resulting from the fire, efforts are being made to provide treatment for injured cattles.  The fire has  damaged an estimated Rs 50,00000 worth of property  at the local level and other details are yet to come. The financially underprivileged families are more affected by the fire and the municipality is serious about their protection.

Surendra Paudel

Chairperson, Gaidahawa Rural Municipality

Surendra-Poudel-GaidahawaThe fire in Gaidahawa Rural Municipality resulted in an estimated loss of Rs. 32,51,600. Farmers and households in Wards No. 1, 2, and 7 of Gaidahawa Rural Municipality have been affected by the fire. Ten farmers in Ward no. 2 suffered losses when the ready to harvest wheat  caught fire and was completely damaged. It is estimated that the damage caused by the fire is worth 28,46,000.  Similarly, in Ward No. 2, eight houses were completely burnt down. The fire was put out by the fire brigades of Gaidahawa Rural Municipality and Lumbini Sanskritik Municipality. Furthermore, the Rural Municipality has provided food items like rice, pulses, oil, and salt to the victims. Financial support to the victims could not be provided immediately since the Chief Administrative Officer is on leave. However, the District Administration Office has gathered and forwarded the necessary details for relief assistance through the Disaster Relief Fund, ensuring that relief will be provided in the coming days.