If Human Nature and Behavior Is Changed Then Corona Won’t Trouble Us

In today’s world, information flows very fast hence it is important to make sure that fake information isn’t spread. Fake information creates panic situation. Every published or broadcasted information may not be factual. So, it should not be presented unless verified. World Health Organization had declared Novel Corona Virus as a PHEIC (Public Health Emergency of International Concern) on 30 January. Before this, after the outbreaks in 2009 Swine Flu (H1N1 Flu), in 2014 Polio and Ebola, in 2016 Zika Virus and in 2018 Kivu Ebola, PHEIC was declared. SARS and Ebola had higher death rates than Corona but Swine Flu was lesser. Then among the infected ones Ebola killed 34%, SARS killed 9.6% and Swine Flu killed 0.02%.

I have heard that only cold and fever is its symptoms. This has terrified the public. Fever, cough and difficulty in breathing make us suspect it. Don’t be scared on cough and cold. This is also why public deserves factual news. Corona isn’t caused just from common cold. Let’s publicize only factual information. Let’s publish and distribute more awareness materials. All three levels of the government need to allocate budget for this from the very beginning. Until and unless something hasn’t been proven scientifically, it is not factual.

This is an airborne disease spread through respiration. It is important to take care of cleanliness and Sanitation. Prefer Namaste to shaking hands. After coming back home, wash hands before touching your children. Previously there used to be a concept of touching water or fire before touching the children, let us think about it once. How to know whose hands are clean and whose aren’t? That is why if we do Namaste, then we do not have touch anyone. After coming back home, if the hands are washed then it kills the virus and children are safe from this. People who follow 13 days long death purgation ritual, do not suffer from communicable disease. They cook for themselves, stay apart, in a way this is also isolation. This is related to our religion. But it has scientific reasons. Let us look for such science. Even when it is religious, let us looks for ways from which we can protect ourselves from diseases. Let’s manage things. Take care and clean the elders. Except few family members, others do not touch the children in the house. Not visiting anyone is for stopping spread of disease. That’s why lets be very careful about cleanliness. This will not just protect us from corona but from many other viral diseases.

If human nature and behaviour is changed then Corona won’t trouble us. But it is something difficult to be done. Change doesn’t happen at once. Even when people are aware that smoking kills, 15% doctors smoke. Therefore, cleanliness and hygiene is important. To change the habits, we also need the law. We should not spit wherever we want. Open toileting should be strictly taken under law. In my opinion, Corona will not end very soon. It is going to stay for long. For controlling this, the public, health sector and government should work together. If done so, Nepal will definitely stop corona quickly. For this, citizens should be aware of cleanliness and hygiene. Let us be aware and work towards it while we have time. (Based on a conversation with Ramesh Prasad Timalsina)