Complete Ensure of Security

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission(TRC) and Commission on Investigation of Enforced Disappeared People(CIED) which was supposed to be formed within six months after the Comprehensive Peace Accord along with the end of 10 years of Maoist insurgency was formed after ten years. The Human Rights activists and conflict victims are suspicious on getting justice through commission showing their discrepancy on its forming process. Both commissions had announced to lodge complain from the first week of April. The complaint lodging process is extended until the end of July. The extended period is about to end. The conflict victims are still not sure of getting justice by looking at the number of complaint lodged at commissions. In this context, some victims conception is presented here.


Shalik Ram Paudel, Kaski

Eyes have not dried yet from the time my son was disappeared by the state actor during decade long armed conflict. I would have performed rituals if the description was made public even if he was murdered. I want to see those culprits, whoever they are, being punished. There must be provision of education, employment and health for those dependent families. Many complaints were lodged at many places, seeking for justice. I have filled the form despite of any expectation of getting justice. We are victim. Getting or not getting justice depends on state.


Hiramoti Shah, Syangja

I heard the news of his murder by former Nepal army after arresting him on charge of being Maoist while he was returning home after receiving pension from Indian pension camp on December 296, 2001. After that, the army again came in our house and gave us mental and physical torture. However, while filling up the form, I have included only complaint of murder. I do not have any hope of getting justice, even though I have filled the form. I do not have any hope on getting justice and reparation looking at the formation of these commissions and its work. Despite of this, I have filled the form so that it may include in document.


Durga lamichhane, Kaski

My support for the future, my son was disappeared. We do not know whether he is alive or dead. I do not have anyone to support me. I do not have any employment and my life has become very hard. I want them to make my sons whereabouts public. I would have at least felt peace inside to see those perpetrators being punished. Only this much I hope from the commission.


Arati Sharma, Tanahu

My husband was disappeared. Do not know either he is dead or alive. Even if he is dead, I could not perform any rituals. I have a family responsibility in other hand i worry about my childrens future. I am happy that commission has been formed even after a long time. But I am not sure whether it is really formed to give justice or just for the sake of forming. I have however filled the form demanding for justice.


Sabitri Khadka, Baglung

There is no provision for providing secret description of incidents on rape and sexual violence in commission. There were many such incidents occurred in village and remote parts of the country. The commissions have not accessed to those people to collect complaints. The victims are in dilemma to lodge complaints as most of them do not have any evidences to prove the violence. There should be an environment where all the victims can lodge complaints.


Kalpana Subedi, Parbat

My husband was disappeared by state actor. There is no information about his whereabouts. It has been a long time now. I feel like I have forgetten this incident due to the busy schedule of my work. But people ask about it and again those past memories hurt me. My healing wound is being opening up again. I have not received any relief or compensation from anyone. Commission has called for the lodgement of complaint. There is some hope of getting justice however we are worried about the security. How can we be sure of security? State must manage our security.


Sita Kaini, Tanahu

My husband was taken by the former Nepal army personnel from our house asking him for interrogation. We came to know later that he was murdered. That particular army man involved in an incident calls and threatens us not to include his name while lodging complaint at the commission. Only 74 people have lodged complaint out of 206 victims in Tanahu district. This is may be because of the threatening that they are receiving. The victims cannot come out freely unless their security is ensured. There is no hope of either getting reparation or compensation neither punishment to the perpetrator. If the victims feel secured then only the numbers of complaints will rise.


Jamuna Baral, Kaski

In 2002, my husband was arrested by the police. He was living his life by driving taxi. I went to District Police Office with food after knowing that he was kept there. They did not allow me to give him a food. Next day when I again went to see him, I was told that he is not there. Afterwards, I was taken to various places by police in their vehicle. There was no limit of torture and foul language. Later they left me in Amarsingh Chok. I have no idea where my husband is. I have not received any support for upbringing of my children. Can i get justice after filling up this form? Can I get compensation against torture that I had received? I dont know at all. However I have lodged a complaint.


Jamuna Sharma, Kaski

My father-in-law was taken and murdered by the then Maoist rebels. But, until now we do not know the reason for his murder. The murderers were in masks. No one could be recognised. My mother-in-law is still in tear. The complaint lodging process is also challenging as we feel insecure from those perpetrators. In such situation who will give us security? How can we be ensured of getting reparation and justice?