We Are Committed to Human Rights


Nawalparasi Bardaghat East was created during the restructuring of the nation’s administration. It is divided into East and West. The western part of Bardaghat Nawalparasi is located in Lumbini province, whereas the eastern part is in Gandaki province.

Here is an excerpt of the conversation between Bhimalal Adhikari, the Mayor of Madhyabindu Municipality, and INSEC District Representative Tirtharaj Dumre about human rights and commitment to human rights.

What is the situation of Human Rights in the Municipality?

On behalf of the Municipality, we are formulating plans regarding the protection of rights and are reaching out to every individual, including children, women, and senior citizens. Like, in education, no child shall be deprived of good education due to poverty, and ensuring child rights within the school premises. Children’s rights regarding health and education are highly prioritized. We are organizing door-to-door health examination programs, medics, and health camps to provide healthy lives for senior citizens.

To guarantee fundamental rights as per the Constitution of Nepal, we are promoting programs that make citizens’ rights accessible to citizens of different castes, languages, religions, and gender backgrounds. Madhyabindu Municipality is prioritizing health, education, and public awareness campaigns.

What kind of programs are you conducting to bring issues of women, children, senior citizens, disabled people, Dalits, and citizens of minority communities into the mainstream?

The rights of the marginalized community are politically and economically ensured. Some communities do not have access to or awareness of their rights due to economic and financial constraints. Marginalized groups, native to Madhyabindu Municipality, especially Bote, and Majhi Musahars, who are dependent economically on fishing, are now deprived of their profession. They do not have any jobs, property, or education and are facing various problems. We are prioritizing programs aiming to guarantee the basic needs of such communities.

As a mayor, what programs are you making to bring communities to the mainstream regarding budgeting?

We have to reach out to and cater to different schools regarding children’s rights. As for issues specific to women’s rights, it is essential to spread awareness among sectors related to women.

People of other communities, religions, and gender should be self-aware of their rights. Human rights might fade away if the rights and duties are not bounded together. On the other hand, we will identify the areas where human rights have been violated and address those areas through programs to guarantee human rights. If we can conduct various programs to aware people and connect human rights with legal literacy through different organizations, schools, or other sectors, the residents will be assured of their rights.

What are your commitments to guarantee fundamental as well as human rights?

The Municipality is indulged in different programs to guarantee these rights. We would also like to request all the citizens to share the issues and difficulties they are facing with related offices. We will work on such problems from the perspective of human rights as we are committed to ensuring human rights.