The municipality is committed to resolving the issues of marginalized communities

Jaleshwore Municipality declared seven rural settlements as municipal wards on 28April , 1982. With an area of 44 square kilometers, the municipality consists of 12 wards. In an interview conducted with Suresh Shah, the mayor of the municipality, and Mamta B.K., a representative from Mahottari, the following discussions were held:

How is the status of human rights in the municipality?

Community-level awareness programs aimed at promoting human tolerance among communities are underway. Efforts are being made to facilitate human rights protocols, leading to their implementation. There is a 24-hour municipal police presence to deter criminal and inhumane behavior in public places and homes.

What plans has Jaleshwore Municipality made for senior citizens, children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers in its annual policy and budget?

Jaleshwore Municipality has undertaken various programs and actions in line with the central government’s plans and directives for senior citizens, children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. They receive social security allowances easily. The municipality periodically organizes awareness programs and activities to address their needs.

What initiatives has the municipality taken to reduce domestic violence?

Under the coordination of Deputy Mayor Roshan Khatoon, the Judicial Committee is active. It also functions as a municipal court, where complaints related to violence against women are addressed. Women affected by violence are encouraged to come forward with their grievances. The judicial committee also plays a facilitating role in resolving disputed matters related to domestic violence, land disputes, and interpersonal transactions, ensuring an environment conducive to reconciliation through dialogue and mediation.

What programs has the municipality undertaken for marginalized, minority, and vulnerable communities?

Currently, the municipality does not have any immediate plans or programs for marginalized, minority, and vulnerable communities. However, it is committed to providing support as needed. Each ward’s representatives are dedicated to addressing the issues of marginalized, minority, and vulnerable communities from their respective levels. If such proposals arise, Jaleshwore Municipality commits to budgeting and planning accordingly.

What impact has INSEC’s work had on the district?

Despite ongoing efforts, there remains a lack of understanding among communities regarding the realization of human rights for all individuals. Incidents such as murder, violence, rape, and inhumane behavior continue to occur. Each incident is directly related to human rights. Local administration, representatives, and officials actively engage in monitoring and addressing human rights issues. INSEC is a reputable organization in the field of human rights monitoring and advocacy. Its active presence has been observed in incidents of murder, violence, rape, and inhumane behavior associated with Jaleshwore Municipality and Mahottari District. Additionally, there is coordination with various concerned authorities to address these issues.