Human Right Issues Should Be Community Focused

Dakneshwori Municipality, an amalgamation of nine villages, located in the central-southern part of the east-west highway in the Saptari District, is unique by its nature of formation. The southern part of this Municipality is also a Nepal-India border. The following is the edited part of an interview done with Mirakumari Yadav, the Deputy Chief of Dakneshwori Municipality:

What kind of plans has the Municipality formed to ensure education for children who do not have access to school?

Dakneswari Municipality has formulated special strategies for children not affiliated with a school. For example, there is a provision for free stationery, including course books and lunches, for children of Dalit and marginalized communities. In addition, we are planning to organize a municipal meeting for parents of children from marginalized communities, to identify reasons for the lack of access to education for their children. We are hoping to spread awareness regarding the importance of education. Furthermore, we will continue to make similar plans and solve their problems. 

What are the strategies of the Municipality to minimize gender and caste-based discrimination?

Although Nepali society is a patriarchal society, Dakneshwari Municipality does not prioritize such practices. We have not documented any written complaint of caste-based or gender discrimination in our Municipality, this year. However, the Dakneshwari Municipality has addressed several verbal complaints through reconciliation at the community level. Similarly, Municipality has provided skill-based training to women to ensure the economic stability of women. Instances related to caste discrimination are rare. The Municipality, its employees, and public representatives are committed to creating a society without discrimination.

What kind of work have you done related to human rights during a year of your tenure?

We have prioritized issues related to children, women, senior citizens, Dalits, and people with disability. We have provided different skillful training for their capacity building.

How effective is INSEC’s initiative of the formation of a Child Rights and Human Rights Group under the Human Rights Education Program?

This initiation of INSEC is very satisfactory. Their contribution to reducing the distortions and disparities in society is commendable. Child Rights and Human Rights groups have intended to ensure a discrimination-free society, with the help of street dramas and public awareness. We hope to allocate a budget for this campaign in the coming financial year.