Situation of Malnutrition Concerning in Jumla

August 11, 2023 By: INSEC

In the midst of a challenging and heart-rending situation, Harilal Budha, a 24-year-old father from Guthichour Rural Municipality-2 Murulli village, has taken on the role of both mother and father to his malnourished 4-year-old daughter. His daughter’s mother abandoned them when the child was less than a year old, leaving Harilal to provide the care and nurturing that a mother would typically offer.

Residing in a remote and difficult-to-access area east of Khalanga, Harilal’s household is located in a secluded hut, far from any bustling community. The father-daughter duo navigates their daily life together, with Harilal striving to ensure the wellbeing of his child despite the odds.

Harilal’s home, situated in an area where regular vehicular transportation is scarce, faces challenges exacerbated by the lack of arable irrigated land. The meager crops grown during the rainy season sustain them for a mere 2-4 months, making subsistence a constant struggle. To provide nourishment, Harilal invested 15,000 rupees, earned through his labor, in purchasing a milk-yielding goat. One udder was exclusively reserved for his daughter, while the other was allocated for the goat’s offspring.

Although Harilal bears the responsibility of providing for his daughter and tending to her well-being, he regrets that she did not receive her mother’s nurturing during her early years, leading to her current malnourished state. Harilal’s devoted efforts involve not only caregiving but also raising livestock to sustain their livelihood.

In a similar context, 23-year-old Bhavna Budthapa, residing in Chandannath Municipality-2 Kholikot, has admitted her severely malnourished one-year-old child to the Nutrition Improvement and Rehabilitation Home. Due to health complications, the child faced challenges in being breastfed, contributing to the malnourishment that ensued.

Further highlighting the dire situation, Debu Mahat from Tatopani Rural Municipality – Ranka village – admitted his 8-month-old twins, both malnourished, to the nutrition improvement and rehabilitation home. This decision was motivated by his concern for their health and wellbeing.

Efforts to address malnutrition are being made through Nutrition Improvement and Rehabilitation Homes established by the Karnali Institute of Health Sciences in Jumla. The home provides vital services to children and mothers from various districts, including Bajura, Humla, Mugu, Dailekh, Kalikot, Dolpa, and Jumla. Despite the challenges, these initiatives aim to address malnutrition and provide support to those in need.


- Mandatta Rawal