Prison changing into Industry, Doing Jail term and Learning Skills

November 7, 2016 By: INSEC

Holding bamboo stick and Khukuri in hand, he is sometimes sharpening the stick and making chairs and sometimes he is teaching his friends to do it. Basu Khatri of Hadhade-4 is always seen working with enthusiasm inside the District prison of Gulmi. He came in prison to do a jail term but he will soon be leaving jail with full of skills. He says “ when I came first, the prison was like a cage and now it has become an industry”. Now he is expert on making bamboo chairs. He never let go anyone with empty handed whoever comes to meet their family in the prison. He is doing his jail term since 2008 on charge of rape case and now he is earning five to seven thousand a month by making handmade bamboo chairs. Among his contemporary, his income is higher. Apart from this, he is also making Shawls in Dhaka industry. He is supporting his family from the prison along with jail term. Khatri said that he is planning to spend his time by making chairs in coming days after finishing his jail term.


The District prison with “C” grade has 65 inmates and detainees at present. Among them 55 are male including 43 inmates and 12 detainees. There are eight female including six inmates and two detainees. The prison building is very old and most of the inmates and detainees are using their skills to earn some money. Recently, various organizations are giving financial support to the prison due to the well management of the prison and hard work from inmates and prisoners. Anyone can easily say that prison is a place where people are rehabilitated. This is what exactly happening in Gulmi prison. The inmates and prisoners in this prison are doing something that can help them to lead their life in future.


- Top Lal Aryal