Photo Feature- Beneficiaries Spend Hours for COVID test

July 14, 2021 By: INSEC

The number of people undergoing the COVID-19 test at the District Hospital, Baitadi has increased drastically after the Government of Nepal had instructed to reduce the limit of testing. Chief of the District Hospital, Baitadi, Dr. Basanta Raj Joshi said that the flow of people for COVID test has increased in the district hospital after the amount of antigen testing was reduced in Jhulaghat and Khodpe of Patan Municipality on the Nepal-India border.

He said, “The number of people visiting the hospital has increased after other places reduced its limit of COVID testing.” Dhirendra Chand, a beneficiary, complained that the COVID test is done only after waiting in line for three or four hours. Earlier, Nepali citizens going to India for employment were being tested for COVID-19 using the antigen method at the border. However, now there is a problem because the test is not available.

India made a rule to allow entrance into their country only after the negative report of COVID-19 is verified, therefore the citizens who went to India for employment have been stranded and now they have started staying in the district headquarters for two days to get themselves tested.

As there are no employment opportunities in the village, those going to India for employment have to undergo a mandatory COVID test, which has increased the crowd at the district hospital.

Harish Bohara of Bajhang, who came to the district hospital for COVID test, said, previously, COVID was tested in the border and the reports were received within 15 minutes, but now we are compelled to come to the district hospital which takes two days. All the loan amount taken from my house has been spent.’

At present, more than 75 percent of the people who come to the district hospital to test for COVID-19 are youths going to India for employment, said Dr. Basanta Raj Joshi, chief of the district hospital.








- Nari Badu/Baitadi