Chepang Children Go To School Starving

January 13, 2021 By: INSEC

Children of the Chepang community studying at the Praja Basic School in Benighatrorang Rural Municipality-2 Simthali have been going to school with a hungry stomach.


Sebika Chepang, a seven-year-old student, comes to school being hungry as there is no food at home. She has a habit of looking around when she comes to school. Since most of the time she is hungry, she goes to the classroom after staring at the kitchen.

It is a sad sight to see them sitting in the classroom with their faces down because they are hungry. Not only Chepang, but most of the Chepang children in the school are in the same situation. The school principal Apsara Mainali said that the children used to come to the school for lunch as there was no food at home.

Anisha Chepang, who is studying in grade two, comes to school barefoot. She has not been seen wearing a school uniform to date. Her parents go to work in the morning. If the parents go out in the morning, they bring food in the evening, otherwise, they are obliged to remain hungry after drinking water in the evening.


Sujan Chepang, 10, studying in grade 4, comes to school wearing old clothes. He hardly gets to have dinner. Even the sandals bought for rent have been torn. They feel ashamed of coming to school, they buy sandals on the day of the holiday by earning a little money.


These two children are the only representatives studying in the school. Out of 110 students studying in Praja Basic School, 25 students go to school every day. Also, 75 students come to school barefoot and without school uniforms, said the school principal Mainali.

There are 70 houses in Simthali where the Chepang community lives without food. The villages and schools of the Chepang community living in huts do not even have drinking water. Even the small children and the elderly living in the village are living by eating once a day.

Even the local government has not been able to bring special security programs for the Chepang community in such a situation.

Although chairperson of the Rural Municipality, Hari Dallakoti said, no program has been implemented accordingly. Most of the citizens of Benighatrorang rural municipality belong to the Chepang community.

- Sitaram Adhikari/Dhading