Activities of Political Parties Against the Code of Conduct of Election (Photo Feature)

May 2, 2022 By: INSEC

After the Election Commission fixed the date for conducting the local level election 2079 BS on May 13, the political parties have started selecting candidates.

The Election Commission has given two days to the parties to register their nominations on April 24 and 25. Although the Election Office gave two days to register nominations, on the first day the major political parties, except for independent candidates, did not register nominations.

The major political parties registered their nominations only on the last day of registration. Although the Election Commission has requested the parties to formulate and implement a code of conduct to make the election clean, impartial and credible, the parties have not fully complied with the election code of conduct since the day of nomination registration.

During the nomination registration, party and election symbols, flags, banners, flags were used and children were also allowed to participate in the rally. However, no violent or unpleasant incidents have taken place in the province till May 2.

The visual materials obtained by the INSEC representatives while monitoring the local level election 2079 are as follows.

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- INSEC Surdurpaschim Province Office, Dhangadi