An Unwavering Journey of Building a Culture of Human Rights

From today we step into the eighteenth year of our journey which has been continuing with the vision of providing news, ideas, awareness, and information on the issues and situation of human rights through digital media. Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) online was launched in memory of our Founder Secretary-General, late Prakash Kafle. inseconline is determined in presenting human rights-related news and concerns to the readers, raising awareness in the issues of human rights, and making the state authorities utterly accountable towards their actions. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our readers on this auspicious occasion of completion of the 17 years of INSEConline.

The representatives of inseconline are active in all the districts of the country and they send us information through regarding the violation and abuse of human rights from their respective districts. The information sent by them is collected and published by seven provincial offices after proper review and editing. INSEC has been decentralizing its activities before the governance system of Nepal transformed into a federal structure and because of which, we are superseding in terms of fact and timeliness.

Through inseconline, we publish issues related to human rights, features, writeups, interviews, press statements, fact-finding onsite reports and INCEC’s annual publication ‘Human Rights. We believe that these materials have helped our readers including human rights activists to gain comprehensive knowledge from a single portal. Timely feedback and suggestions from our readers have encouraged us to publish the information more responsibly. We will always strive towards presenting human rights-related information keenly and our effort is largely drawn by the love of our readers. The online depiction of the human rights situations is based on a factual analysis. Hence, inseconline prioritizes detailed monitoring and dissemination of the facts rather than rushing to provide a piece of breaking news. We expect constructive feedback and advice from our readers on the materials we publish. The suggestions and advice we get help us to become better with our work.

During our journey, there were many social and political instabilities and INSEC did not just witness these inconsistencies but also documented all these events accurately. Inseconline has played a significant role in ensuring justice to the citizens deprived of their rights. Perhaps, inseconline has responsibly fulfilled its role in assuring social justice and equality for 17 years.

A responsible online news portal not just disseminates the information but also plays a vital role in building a culture. Inseconline has been fulfilling its roles sufficiently in building human rights culture. It has also established itself in promoting good governance and making a responsible body accountable for its actions. Our glorious past will always motivate us for an affluent future. We will continue to develop ourselves as defenders of justice, equality, democracy, rule of law and human rights. We will always keep on writing for social justice and will always support the campaign on freedom of expression. We have dreamed of enduring our commitments based on your support and critical responses. Let’s unite in this campaign to protect the rights of marginalized and vulnerable groups. As we complete the journey of 17 years, inseconline family would like to thank our readers and everyone contributing in the campaign for equality and social justice.