Yearly Review Held on Program Operated by INSEC

  July 21, 2016

A yearly review on various program operated under INSEC mid-regional office on financial year 2015/16 has been held.


The program was organised by INSEC mid-regional Office on July 13. Speaking at the program INSEC mid-regional coordinator Krishna Gautam said that INSEC has started a good work on promoting Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which is directly linked with public. He further said that it is important to move forward effectively in coming days.


He said that without ensuring economic, social and cultural rights of the people other issues on rights will remain incomplete. He further added that concerned bodies must be serious in this issue.


Speaking at the program, Geeta Gautam, chief of Human Rights Education program, said that the ELP program operated by INSEC has helped to aware the locals and accountable to concerned bodies.


She further praised about the role played by facilitators from various district to make the program successful.


Samjha Shrestha from INSEC central office said that the programs operated by INSEC has helped to make concerned bodies more accountable, drawing their attention and make them more responsible in various issues of Human Rights.


In the program, the facilitators from Makwanpur, Lalitpur and Kavre District had shared their experiences, effectiveness of their work, benefit and about their learning throughout the year and also gave their recommendations to make program more effective.