Yearly Pre-review Held

  December 20, 2016

The INSEC district representatives have sent the news of incident collected on Human Rights Violation and atrocities for yearly pre-review of Human Rights Year Book-2017.

According to INSEC district representative Rabindra Pandey of Pyuthan, a yearly preview of Human Rights Year Book has been held in the district. Speaking at the program, CDO Bhup Bahadur Pun said that the Human Rights Year Book published by INSEC has an importance as it is documented as a report.

Vice-chairman TS Gurung of NGO federation recommended that INSEC must widen its field while collecting the incidents on human rights violation. He added that it must include the male domestic victims as well in the year book.

INSEC district representative Pandey had presented 14 incidents of human rights violations including three incidents of rape, one attempted rape, two murders and six women violence.

According to INSEC district representative Man Bahadur Chaudhary, the stakeholders presented at the pre review program stressed on implementing law within the community along with awareness.

Speaking at the program CDO Bishnu Bahadur Thapa stressed on implementation of National and district level planning.

In the program, the district representative had presented 69 incidents of human rights violation and atrocities in the district within a year. Among them, seven incidents of murder, 11 incidents of women violation, 22 incidents of child rights violation. There are two incidents on allegation of being witch, five of domestic violence, three of caste discrimination and two incidents of torture documented.

According to INSEC District Representative Madhav Kumar Oli of Rolpa, parliamentarian Amar Singh Pun said that all concealed incidents of human rights violation in the district must be made public.

He added that in the village, incidents of human rights violation are concealed in protection of political parties. He recommended all organizations active in this field to highlight such incidents.

Speaking at the program, judge Kamal Prasad Gyawali of District Court of Rolpa stressed that everyone must protect the human rights of the people as it is based on an international law.

The district representative Oli had presented the report on incidents of human rights violation and atrocities within one year period.

According to the documentation, there were 25 incidents of domestic violence in the district, two incidents of allegation of being witch, two child marriage, two infant killings, two children killings, two murder incidents from husband, two incidents of rape, one sexual abuse etc.

According to our Dang district representative JN Sagar, the pre-review of human rights year book has been held in Dang on December 20.

At the program District Court Judge Churaman Khadka and SP Dhiraj Pratap Singh recommended that the incidents documented in the human rights year book must be credible. Judge Khadka said that protection of Human Rights is not only enough by the state but everyone must show their commitment.

He added that the publication of Year Book has made the state accountable.

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