Successful Completion Of Human Rights And Legal System Orientation Training

  June 2, 2023

Training on human rights and the legal system was completed in Hetauda on June 2, 2023, successfully completed.

The two-day training organized with the initiation of INSEC was conducted with the participation of women in Manahari Municipality 1,2,3, and 4 along with 15 members of Women’s Groups from Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City Ward -1.


The program was held under the Chief Hospitality of Yagya Prasad Adhikari, Head of the National Human Rights Commission, Bagmati Province Office, and chaired by Ganesh Bhandari, INSEC Bagmati Province Office.

Krishna Prasad Nepal, INSEC Program Coordinator highlighted that the purpose of the program was to strengthen human rights at the local level through awareness programs by human rights groups, association on human rights, capacity building, and women’s rights programs for public representatives. He said he is advocating for building a better society by holding public hearings on health and food rights.

Yagya Prasad Adhikari, Chief guest of the program, from National human rights, Bagmati Province,  said the local levels play an important role in guaranteeing the rights of the people by presenting paperwork on the rights guaranteed by the constitution. Similarly, he emphasized that the local municipality should focus on human rights.


Mohan Kumar Shrestha, Administrative Officer of Manahari Rural Municipality, and Shailesh Baskota, Chief of the Social Development Branch stated that Manahari is sensitive towards human rights and expressed a commitment to include the issue in the upcoming policies and programs.

Women Empowerment Program (Renew Project) through rights and economic development in Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan city was conducted by INSEC in coordination with WPD Nepal.


Pushpa Raj Adhikari