Stakeholders Shows Concern on concealment of incidents on Domestic Violence

  December 15, 2016

The stakeholders have shown their concern about the concealment in incidents on domestic violence. They said that numerically the incidents are in increasing trend however it could not reach to the concerned guild for legal remedies.

They have shown the concern in a program held in Gorkha district by INSEC regarding the pre-review of Human Rights Year Book 2017.


The program was organized on December 15 and speaking at the program CDO Netra Prasad Sharma said that there are increasing trend in women violence and attention must be given to minimize it.

SP Janak Raj Pandey of DPO said that the victims of domestic violence conceal the incident because of their social status and reputation. He added that there are increasing trend in complaints lodged on domestic violence at Women cell.

Rishi Khanal of Human Rights Alliance said that operation of awareness program is essential to minimize domestic violence and rape incidents.

The activists have also shown their concern on a difficult situation faced by the earthquake victims after devastating earthquake last year.

INSEC district representative Hari Ram Upreti had made public on 33 incidents of human rights violation in the district within a year period. In the pre-review program representatives from organizations active in the district were presented.