Social Evils Will Eradicate: Deputy Speaker Gharti

  December 29, 2019

Pushpa Gharti, Deputy Speaker of Karnali Province has said of forming laws that will eradicate social evils like Chhaupadi and Polygamy. Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) had organized ICCPR and ICESCR on 27 December at Birendranagar in which Gharti mentioned her next move.

She said while forming the provincial laws they have to study the laws of Federal Government as well and has emphasized on making laws that will eradicate every social evils of Karnali Province and also promote the political, economic, social and cultural rights of the citizens.

Amar Bahadur Thapa, President of Karnali Provincial Assembly’s Economic and Natural Resources Committee said the Province Government will ensure every rights bestowed by the constitution.

Dan Singh Pariyar, Member of Karnali Provincial Assembly has suggested the Human Rights Activists of Karnali Province to commence the issues related to Education, Health, Food and Shelter more seriously.

Kaushilawati Khatri added on making the policies that would face the pains of the people of Karnali who were effected in the armed disputes.

In the program, INSEC Central Office’s Advocacy Department’s Head- Samjha Shrestha presented about the ICCR and ICESCR.The program was conducted under the chairmanship of INSEC’s office of Karnali Province’s coordinator Narayan Subedi with the participation of people’s representatives, security guild’s chief and representatives, representatives of Citizens’ organizations, lawyers, officers and press.

Durga Thapa