Semi-Annual Review Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2024 Completed

  June 27, 2023

The Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Bajhang, in collaboration with various stakeholders, successfully concluded the pre-publication half-yearly review program of the Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2024 in Chainpur yesterday. The event aimed to gather input from concerned agencies regarding human rights violations and excesses recorded from January to June 2023.

Addressing the gathering, Chief District Officer Narayan Pandey emphasized that security agencies have adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards human rights violations, recognizing the direct involvement of the state in such cases. He commended the role of INSEC in supporting the protection and promotion of human rights in the district, suggesting that the organization establish district offices and enhance the effectiveness of its human rights campaign.

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Jagdis Rokaya, the then Chairpesron of the Nepal Journalist Federation in Bajhang, lauded INSEC’s comprehensive approach to addressing human rights issues. He acknowledged that the data provided by INSEC would serve as a crucial foundation for disseminating news related to human rights.

Stressing the importance of collaborative efforts to curb human rights violations, Sita Singh, Coordinator of Food Rights Network in Bajhang, emphasized that education, health, and food should be prioritized as key subjects within the Human Rights Year Book. Recognizing INSEC’s instrumental role in facilitating access to justice for victims in the district, Singh called upon all stakeholders to take the initiative in establishing INSEC branches.

Highlighting the broad scope of human rights, journalist Ramesh KC asserted that INSEC’s report on the human rights situation in the district, as part of the Nepal Human Rights Year Book, serves as a vital information source for media professionals.

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During the review program, INSEC Bajhang representative Satyaraj Singh presented the human rights situation in the district for the first six months of 2023, along with the documented events for the Human Rights Year Book.

Shedding light on the distressing reality, Singh revealed that 101 cases of rape and attempted rape, one case of caste discrimination, one case of polygamy, and 94 cases of domestic violence were reported in Bajhang between January and June 2023.

These alarming statistics underscore the urgent need for concerted efforts to combat human rights violations and create a safer society for all individuals. The Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2024 is poised to play a pivotal role in raising awareness and fostering positive change within the region.

Satyaraj Singh