Semi-Annual Review Highlights Human Rights Concerns in Nawalparasi East

The completion of the semi-annual review program in Nawalparasi East marked a significant step in the preparation of the Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2024. Led by Tirtharaj Dumre, district representative of INSEC Nawalparasi East, the review program shed light on 14 recorded incidents that occurred within the last six months.

According to the findings, the recorded incidents included five cases of rape and sexual abuse involving girls, two cases of rape involving women, and six cases of violence against women. Additionally, the program highlighted an incident involving a police officer who was injured in a physical assault.

During the review program, District Representative Dumre also addressed various human rights issues such as the implementation of free education, land-related rights, child rights, and health rights in the district. He expressed concern over the persistent problems of air pollution and forest fires during the expansion of the East-West Highway, despite repeated appeals from the local community to relevant agencies.

Baburam Bishwakarma, head of District Coordination Committee Nawalparasi East, emphasized the violation of citizens’ human rights by both powerful entities and the state. He stressed the importance of a collective commitment to protect human rights, highlighting the lack of legal recourse for victims of caste discrimination within the Dalit community. Bishwakarma urged human rights organizations to amplify their voices on these issues, which remain prevalent in society but have yet to be effectively addressed.

Ramkumar Shrestha, President of the Adhiwasi Janajati Federation, highlighted the unresolved justice for individuals who suffered human rights violations during the conflict. He called for concerted efforts from all sides to advocate for the rights of these individuals.

Birendra Parajuli, Chairperson of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, emphasized the crucial role of journalists as defenders of human rights. He reaffirmed the commitment of journalists to take a leading role in addressing rights violations within the community.


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