Semi-Annual Pre-Review Program Completed

  June 21, 2023

The Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) and the Human Rights Protection Network, Ramechhap completed the semi-annual pre-review program of human rights violations and abuses on June 16, 2023.

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The program was chaired by Ramechhap Bar’s President and Coordinator of the network, Pandav Prasai. During the program, Navaraj Pathik, the District Representative of INSEC, provided information about the incidents that INSEC had documented in the past six months. According to the information provided by him, INSEC has recorded 10 incidents, including murder, rape, and other similar incidents so far.
District Attorney Yogendra Prasad Dhungel mentioned the issue of human rights is directly related to the Office of the Attorney General. He also clarified that in addition to fighting for the rights of the victims, ensuring the protection of their human rights is also the responsibility of the Office of the Attorney General.

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Although the overall situation of human rights in the Ramechhap district is not that serious, he mentioned that incidents continue to occur repeatedly. He provided information that the office has dealt with 30 different cases this year in the past six months. Among them were, four cases of murder, seven cases of rape, one case of attempted rape, two cases of accusations of witchcraft, and one case of child abuse. He also mentioned that cases related to polygamy and domestic violence are still ongoing. Furthermore, he shared that 21 cases of misconduct have been reported at the District Administration Office.

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Inspector Dilip Kumar Thapa of the District Police Office, Ramechhap expressed his concern that suicide cases are increasing in Ramechhap district. He said that the civic society must run awareness programs to control it. He also added that currently the police are regularly trained on human rights issues, and there will be no cases of human rights violations from the police.
He informed that if any police officer is engaged in such actions or acts contrary to the law, immediate disciplinary action will be taken against him/her. He added that even individuals within the Ramechhap police force involved in such activities have faced legal consequences. Ratna Prasad Kandel, the President of the Federation of Non-Governmental Organizations in Ramechhap, said that the increasing lawlessness of society and criminalization in politics has led to a human rights crisis. He expressed concern that if people neglect the construction of a civilized society, incidents of human rights violations will continue to rise.
The program’s chairman and the president of Ramechhap Bar, Pandav Prasai, emphasized the need to pay equal attention to economic, social, and cultural rights, even though there may be fewer incidents of civil and political rights violations.

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Nabaraj Pathik