Sanitation and Waste Management Campaign Successfully Completed

  May 23, 2023

A campaign with the slogan of ‘Cleanup Campaign by Proud Residents of Kapilvastu’ was successfully conducted as a part of sanitation and awareness for waste management.

This campaign was initiated by Mayadevi Bahudeshya Womens Group Cooperative, Kapilvastu Municipality -6, Gowari, financially supported by the ward office and coordinated by INSEC and Human Rights Group.

The campaign conducted a rally with slogans like, ‘Build toilets in village houses’, ‘Open toilet is a visa to hell, ‘Penalize those who do not use the toilet’, ‘We take pride in the fact that our homes have toilets’, ‘Drink boiled water, and avoid diarrhea’ during the campaign.

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Likewise, the rally started from Gowari Chourasta through Tilauri and ended in Gowari with demonstrating placards saying, ‘Use soap and avoid disease’, ‘Wear a mask, and make Corona go away’, “Healthy, happy, and prosperous family means a developed nation’. A meeting later followed the rally.

Ram Jeet Kurmi, chairperson of Kapilvastu Municipality-6 in the program asked all the ward residents to pay attention to maintaining cleanliness because it is the basis of human life. Kurmi said that legal action would be taken against individuals guilty of open defecation.

The founder of Mayadevi Bahudeshya Womens Group Cooperative and Pushpa Regmi, chairperson of INSEC Human Rights Group, suggested working in unity and starting with managing the wastage of your own home. Concerned family members had a meeting for managing the plastic and other waste found on the roads.