Review on Human Rights Situation of Ramechhap

  December 9, 2016

A review program on the human rights situation of Ramechhap District has been held in joint coordination with Human Rights Protection Network and INSEC Paramecia on December 8.

The program was organized on the eve of  68th Human Rights Day along with the publicity of incidents of Human Rights Violations documented for Human Rights Year Book-2017. INSEC District representative Nawa Raj Pathik said that 26 incidents on human rights violation were collected this year.


Among them, 21 incidents are related to Women Rights violations. According to the document, this year, one incident was from state party. The remaining incidents are from non-state actor.

While speaking at the program, spokesperson Prem Joshi of District Police Office said that police administration is always committed to protect the human rights of the people. He recommended that it will be effective if INSEC includes pure human rights violation incident in its Human Rights Year Book.

Psychology counselor Purna Chetri of Muliti-cultural psycho social organization TPO Nepal said that recently the incidents of suicide is increasing and added that if the patients could be given counseling, the incident will decrease.

The participants of the program said that INSEC has included all the incidents. They stressed that Human Rights Year book must be more refined and flexible as per environment.

Nawa Raj Pathik