Public hearing program conducted on “Relief and rehabilitation of earthquake victims”.

  December 1, 2016

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC), Makwanpur organized a public hearing program at Hetauda regarding “relief and rehabilitation of the earthquake victims” on November 28.

Kishan Neupane, planning officer of District Development Committee in the program stated that almost 11 thousand people including living in (Ailaani) Public land and living abroad were not able to enter into agreement for the relief.


 ’19 thousand 5 hundred 40 victims have entered into the agreement.  He added that 18 thousand 1 hundred and 61 people have received the first installment of a fund, Rs 50,000. “Beneficiaries have not come into contact till now because of various reason.’- Neupane added- Most of the agreement are obstructed due to policy related problem.”

Planning officer, Neupane said- ‘Grievances of beneficiaries have not been addressed yet. The lack of clarity in policies of Reconstruction Authority has failed to address the complaints of the beneficiaries. ‘

The total of 26,909 was received among which 14,049 were sent to Planning Authority, Neupane said. Most of the complaints were regarding the beneficiaries who were missed in the survey and almost 6 thousand complaints were solved from the district level, he said.


More than 6,000 beneficiaries have been living in public land (Ailani). Reconstruction Authority has directed to enter into agreements with only those who own the land.  .

VDC Secretary of Welfare Center and Chairman Teknath Kafle said, Beneficiaries living abroad and lack of transferring ownership has affected in funding agreement. Technical inspection is done once the victims start to build up their houses and will be recommended for the second installment to VDC and to district. Only then the amounts will be deposited in the beneficiary’s account as per the provision

One VDC has three technicians which create a problem in inspecting each and every house,-according to the chief Sudeep Acharya of Building Engineering Training and Research Center. He said, 750 houses are inspected by one technical officer in VDC level while 1000 houses are to be inspected in municipal areas. ‘

Media personnel, VDC secretary and representatives from non-governmental organizations raised various questions to Planning Officer, Neupane and head of research center, Acharya.