Public hearing program completed

  March 8, 2017

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) on March 7 completed a public hearing program on ‘Situation of earthquake victims and reconstruction’ at Lalitpur, Mahalaxmi Municipality based Lamatar in co-ordination with District Development Committee, Lalitpur.

Participants had complaints regarding the lack of design to rebuild damaged houses, construction work of drinking water, sewage, electricity, roads, had victimized the earthquake victims even more. Further, the lack of land ownership certificate had deprived them from receiving government grant relief, delay in distribution of the grant, lack of transparency by government hired engineers and technicians were the major issues forwarded by participants in the program.

Chief District Officer, Deepak Kayastha addressed the issues of participants stating that, the citizens themselves have to be aware and alert to protect lands from unnecessary plotting and the problem caused by construction of roads, electricity, water, sewage shall be the resolved with the suggestion forwarded by the locals.

He added, since many earthquake victims had to be relocated, the central government in co-ordination with local government will implement the plans and the team has already been allocated to incorporate the missing names in central data collection as well as informed that the issue has been forwarded to government body thus will come up with result soon.

The Chief of National Reconstruction Office, Lalitpur Branch, Goma Dhakal speaking about response to the queries said, 6 thousand 8 hundred and 88 complaints relating to earthquake has been forwarded for its solution.

She further added, the grant agreement of 6 hundred and 60 people has already been passed whereby the victims having two residents will not be applicable to this Agreement apply. Likewise, in case of missing names in the survey, another survey will be organized soon, she said.

In the case of lack of ownership certificate, first installment of the grant can be received by the certified letter of concerned ward office whereas the second installment can be received with consent of technical officer regarding the design of house.

Ram Kumar Shrestha