Pre-review Session for Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2023 Completed 

  June 22, 2022

The Pre-publication review program on the documented cases for Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2023 has been completed on June 21.

Review was done on the cases of human rights violation and abuses documented from January to June 20, 2022.

17 cases collected by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) were documented in the review.

Report has incorporated the documentation of nine cases of rape against children, attempt of rape, sexual abuse, four cases of rape and sexual abuse against women and four cases of beatings.

Somdash Dhalak, Inspector of District Police Office, Gorkha informed that the  violence also occurs due to lack of knowledge and human ego.

He said that the assistance of citizen’s representative and tole reform committee is imperative to minimize the cases of violence. Police control alone isn’t enough. He stated ‘everyone shall take the initiative.’

Narahari Sapkota, Chairperson of Journalist Federation, Gorkha stated that the documentation of cases in the yearbook is commendable.

HariRam Upreti