Pre-review Session for Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2021 Completed

  December 22, 2020

The pre-publication review program of Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2021 has been completed in Bharatpur on December 21.

Speaking at the review program, Munakumari Shrestha, Deputy Chief of the District Coordinating Committee, Chitwan, who was the chief guest, expressed concern over the increasing incidents of rape.

“Even when the law is strong, the insecurity of girls is a weakness of law enforcement,” said Shrestha. Speaking on the occasion, Sangita Bhattarai, co-coordinator of the Joint Campaign against Sexual Violence, Chitwan, said that both the state and non-state actors should be responsible for the protection of human rights.


 Similarly, Rajendra Poudel, central member of the Human Rights and Peace Society of Nepal, said that the police administration and the judiciary were also weak in not stopping criminal activities.

INSEC district representative Dipendra Adhikari said that 110 incidents were collected in Chitwan in 2020 BS. There have been 15 cases of rape of women and seven cases of attempted rape, 36 cases of rape of girls and 11 cases of sexual abuse.

 Four women and five men have been killed. There have been 14 cases of polygamy and one case of incitement to suicide. A total of 110 cases of human rights violations and abuses have been recorded in the district, including four cases of human trafficking, one case of bomb blast, one case related to arms and five cases of crimes against the state.

Dipendra Adhikari