Pre-review of Human Rights Yearbook Held

  December 9, 2016

Pre-review of Human Rights year book 2017 has been held in Bhojpur on December 9. The program was organized by INSEC.

The program was participated by 24 people including the representatives from various political parties, governmental chief, Human Rights activists, journalists and representatives from non-governmental organizations. INSEC district representative Kiran Rai had made public on the incidents of human rights violation and atrocities during the program.

Secretary Saran Kumar Rai of CPN UML said that everyone’s commitment is essential to stop such violations. All people must get awareness to minimize such incident, he said.

Parshuram Tiwari, coordinator of civil society of Bhojpur stressed on active participation not only the collection of incidents.

Sabina Rai, chairperson of Women Rights defender of the district said that everyone’s support and harmony is needed to minimize or stop women violence in the district on which INSEC must play special role, she said.


Chairperson Bal Ram Rai of NGO Federation said that it is necessary to spread awareness and brining those in legal boundaries, involved in such crime.

Secretary Buddha Prasad Tamang of Human Rights Alliance said that common commitment is essential to stop such abuses. In the program , representatives from Police administration and government offices were present.

Kiran Rai