Pre-review of Human Rights Year Book Held

  December 7, 2016

The pre-review of Human Rights Year Book has been held in Baitadi on December 7.

The pre-review was organized with the objective of giving knowledge about the women rights as there are more incidents of women violence in the district as compared to other violations. The pre-review was conducted by INSEC in presence of women from remote village, stakeholders and political parties.


According to INSEC Baitadi, since July there are 29 incidents of Human Rights Violation and aatrocities

Since January 2016, there are 108 complaints lodged at District Police Office regarding women violence.

In the program, District Judge Dhruba Kumar Shah, former CA member Puran Singh Dayal, Inspector Surendra Bom, members from civil society , media personnel and leaders from political parties were present. There were more than 100 women participants in the program.

Nari Badu