Pre-review of Human Rights Year Book Held

  December 16, 2017

The pre-review of Human Rights Year Book-2018 has been held in Khalanga of Jajarkot on December 16.

District judge Shiva Prasad Acharya said that awareness is important on reducing the incident on human rights violation. INSEC has been collecting the incidents of human rights violation in the district which must be supported by all party according to him.

INSEC district representative Dinesh Kumar Shrestha presented the report on incidents of human rights violation during the year 2017. According to the report , the incident includes one murder case by the family member, one killing by non-state party, two incidents of child rights violation, one of women violence, seven incidents of domestic violence, three polygamy, three political rights and six incidents of ESC rights.

Dinesh Kumar Shrestha