Pre-Review of Human Rights Year Book-2017

  December 11, 2016

A pre-review meeting of Human Rights Year Book-2017 has been held in Terathum on December 10. The program was organized by INSEC Terathum.

The program was participated by district level office chief, security guilds and their representatives, governmental office chief, human rights activists and representatives from NGOs. In the program, INSEC district representative Bhagishwor Limbu had made public on the incident of human rights violation and atrocities with the year.


During the period of time, one incident of murder, two beatings, four rape and attempted rape, nine incidents of domestic violence were documented by INSEC.

Speaking at the program CDO Munka Neupane said that most of the incident occurred while the convicted is in inebriated state. She recommended that awareness programs need to be operated village wise.

Coordinator Deunarayan Sambahamphe of Local Peace Committee said that along with human rights, now it is time to look after food security issues.

Uddav Timilsina of FNJ Terathum said that while publicizing the report, the victim’s secrecy must be taken into consideration.

Bhagishwor Limbu