Orientation Program for Victims of Enforced Disappearance’s Access to Justice

  June 6, 2023

INSEC commenced an orientation program for the provincial coordinators and document officers of seven provinces to enhance access to justice for the victims of enforced disappearance in Janakpurdham on June 5, 2023.

Speaking at the event, INSEC Chairperson Dr. Kundan Aryal said that the cases related to this subject should be resolved so that the family of the disappeared persons has access to justice. He also requested all the INSEC members to be active in working towards ensuring access to justice for victims.

He said, “More than the achievements, challenges, and complications related to this subject, it is necessary for the civil society to be serious about the issue that draws the attention of the government by increasing the role of all stakeholders in the latest plans and strategies related to problem-solving. Citizens can get the guarantee of human rights only if the traditional human rights concept is oriented toward society. ”

Elaborating on the purpose of the program, INSEC director Madan Poudel said that 931 people were forcibly killed, 13 thousand 246 people disappeared and more than 500 citizens were disabled during the armed conflict.

In the program, SSP Pravin Pokharel of the Madhesh Province Police Office provided orientation to the participants regarding the management of criminal cases.

Likewise, Deputy Attorney General Bivek Baral of the High Public Prosecutor’s Office facilitated the necessary roles and current perspectives to make the judicial process clean, fair, and independent.

Khadak Raj Joshi, Coordinator of the INSEC Sudurpaschim Office facilitated the program in terms of civil and political rights.

INSEC Lumbini Province Coordinator,  Bhola Mahat facilitated terms of economic, social, and cultural rights

In the same way, Shiv Khakurel, Coordinator of INSEC Gandaki Province Office, facilitated the situation of women’s rights.

The program was conducted by Raju Paswan, Coordinator of INSEC Madhesh Province Office.