Monitoring group demands for basic rights 

  June 20, 2022

The municipal level human rights monitoring group operated by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) under the ELP project has submitted a letter to the Municipality demanding for the fulfillment of basic rights including right to education, health, food and housing.  

Official of the group submitted letter to the Mayor of the Municipality, Bhimraj Yadav, meeting him in his office demanding for the operation of policy, program and plan pursuant to fundamental rights enshrined under Article 31, 35, 36 and 37 of the constitution of Nepal.  

Demand letter signed by the chairperson of the group, Raghubar Sah and Secretary Dinanath Yadav has mentioned the plans about filling the vacant positions of teachers for promotion of quality of education on community schools, availability of science laboratory, computer lab and library, dissemination of lunch, operation of women friendly toilet, clean drinking water and sanitation, proper availability of nurses in the school for health checkup along with the sanitary pad and changing room.  

Demand has also been made for the inclusion of regular monitoring program in order to control the tendency of appearance of students in the schools only during examinations, to strengthen the presence of students and teachers in the community schools and teaching learning processes.  

The group has demanded to hang the list of medicines that are made free by the  Government of Nepal in hospitals and health institutions and to distribute them properly, to make doctors and health workers available in hospitals and health institutions on time and to provide information to the public about health insurance and health services.  

Similarly, it has been demanded to provide seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to the farmers on time and distribute it equitably, to restrict black market and to operate regular monitoring programs on weighing scales used in measurement and food and beverages affecting human health. 

Group has demanded for the management of rotten wastage and loose animals in vegetable market, organization of awareness program on right to food and bring programs for the production of organic manure in order to reduce increasing use of chemical manure. Demands have been made to bring programs for the assurance of home to the homeless.  

The group formed by INSEC has been conducting various programs from 19 July 2019, on right to education, health, food and housing to aware the people and increase accountability amongst the authorities.  

Group has been conducting discussions, seminars, campaigns, interactions, monitoring, public hearings and public awareness programs in the field of education, health, food, and housing in coordination with the municipality.  

Facilitator Dipak Yadav informed that the group that has been advocating and warning the authorities for the promotion and protection human rights and social justice has drawn attention towards the inclusion of issues related to public interest in the plan, policy and programs that is to be made for fiscal year 2022/23. 

Manoharkumar Pokharel