Memorandum Submitted Regarding the Detention House of Female Inmates

  January 15, 2022

Human Rights Defenders Network Jajarkot has submitted a memorandum to the District Administration Office of Jajarkot on January 12 regarding the management of detention house for the female inmates of the district prison of Jajarkot.

The Human Rights Defenders Network formed by INSEC has submitted the memorandum to the District Administration Office for immediate construction as the detention house of a female detainee was demolished and was not rebuilt. It was found during the monitoring of the Jajarkot District Police Office.


Mentioned in the memorandum – ‘We can assume that women inmates will suffer social and mental anguish if they have to be sent to other districts without the facility to keep women inmates in the district. We would like to draw your attention to the construction of new structures in the long run and in the short term, the existing structures should be made close to the existing women’s prisons. We also want to draw the attention of the government towards the laws made for the inmates security. ‘

Activists including Bijaya Nagarkoti, co-coordinator of Human Rights Defenders Network Jajarkot, Kedar Bahadur Shah, Chairperson of Nepal Human Rights Organization, Keshav Jung Shah, President of Civil Society, Bal Kumar Sharma, Chairperson of Federation of Nepali Journalists, Sahadev Basnet, Secretary of NGO Federation and INSEC District Representative Dinesh Kumar Shrestha, were present in the district.

Dinesh Kumar Shrestha