Interaction Program on the Situation of Human Rights in Province 2

  December 31, 2021

Informal Sector Service Centre INSEC Province 2 has successfully completed the interaction program on the situation of human rights in Province 2. The program was held on December 31.

Mr. Raju Paswan, Coordinator of INSEC Province 2, said that the number of human rights violations in Province 2 has increased compared to last year.

In Province 2, there were 752 incidents of human rights violations and abuses among which 63 incidents are violations from the side of the state during the year 2021.


Paswan further said that out of 261 incidents of rape, 151 cases involved children victims.

Chief District Officer of Dhanusha, Bandhu Prasad Bastola, said that the District Administration Office has been providing all the services without any hindrance except in the cases with legal prohibitions.

After the participants complained that the offices have been hiding information, Chief District Officer Bastola said that an Information Officer was appointed in each office and a meeting was held with the Information Officer every three months.

Dipendra Prasad Singh