Interaction Program on the Right to Education

  April 1, 2021

An interaction program on the right to school-level education in collaboration with Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) and in association with Kalinchok Village Level Human Rights Group and Kalika Secondary School was held on March 26 in Kalinchok Rural Municipality-9 Sundravati.


In the program chaired by Santosh Adhikari, Principal of Kalika Secondary School, Roshni Acharya, Chief of Education Branch, Kalinchok Rural Municipality, informed about the existing legal provisions related to education in Nepal.

The chief guest of the program, Acharya, said that the municipality is working on behalf of the Government of Nepal to provide free and compulsory education up to the secondary level without any discrimination.

Child protection teacher Bal Krishna Khadka said that the grading system has crPhoto20210326dolakha2-768x576eated an environment where students do not pay attention to their studies and pass the exams in any way.

Sabina Regmi and Mukunda Regmi, members of the school management committee, complained that the teachers paid less attention to teaching.

The students who participated in the program said that their studies were not regular, extra-curricular activities were reduced and teaching in the local language curriculum was not possible.

He also called for an end to discrimination in sending a son to a private school and a daughter to a government school.

Uddhav Pokhrel