Interaction on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

  July 1, 2021

An interaction program on economic, social, and cultural rights was organized by Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) in Kshireshwornath Municipality on June 30. The interaction was held on the economic, social, and cultural rights of the beneficiaries regarding the condition of the service provided by Kshireshwar Nath Municipality and the needs of the beneficiaries.

Speakers at the program stressed on the need for encouraging participation of the general public in the services being provided by the municipality. Chief Administrative Officer of Kshireshwornath Municipality, Pramod Ghimire, said that the municipality has been distributing textbooks in the education sector, distribution of uniforms for students, allowances and lunch for female and Dalit students with conditional grant from the central government. He further added that in the current fiscal year, buildings for basic health care have been constructed in three wards, social security allowances have been disbursed on time through each ward and prohibition order has been issued to control the infection of Covid-19.

In addition to this, the government has been constructing religious monasteries, public places, parks and public halls by allocating funds every year for the protection and promotion of religious and cultural heritage for the sake of cultural rights, said Chief Administrative Officer Ghimire.

He also thanked INSEC for organizing an interaction program on the services provided by Kshireshwornath Municipality and the needs of the beneficiaries.

Speaking in the program, Gangai Mahato, Ward Secretary of Kshireshwornath Municipality-5, said that he has been providing records and recommendations to the beneficiaries coming to the ward for social security allowance, for recommendation and for birth and death registration.

Chief Accountant of Kshireshwornath Municipality, Yagyanidhi Adhikari, said that the municipality has been providing Rs 50,000 as compensation to the families of those who died due to Covid-19. Chairperson of the Human Rights Monitoring Group, Shobha Bhandari, stressed on the need to accelerate the services being provided by the municipality for the economic, social and cultural rights of the people due to Covid-19.

Dipendra Prasad Singh