INSEC Discussion with Human Rights Group

  May 23, 2023

A healthy discussion between an INSEC representative and a concerned officer of the Human Rights Group at Rashi Sonari, Rural Municipality was successfully conducted on May 19, 2023.

During the session, Tapta Bahadur Poudel, Chairperson of Rapti Sonari Rural Municipality, highlighted that the human rights group should not only systematically bind as a legal organization rather than functioning as a loose forum.

Manisha Singh Tharu, Vice Chairperson, of Human Rights Group, ineffective implementation of policies of the Consumer Interest Protection Committee, and urged prioritizing environmental rights.

Dhani Wali, the coordinator of the Human Rights Group, said that they have conducted of various awareness programs and advocacy to spread responsibilities regarding discrimination in education, health, and food grains. However, there are challenges in addressing child marriage, food rights, and environmental rights.

Prem Choudhary, Secretary of the group stated that the Human Rights Group will meet and initiate awareness programs regarding education, health, and taking action for environmental rights in collaboration with the Ward. Regarding the upcoming action plan, they are palling to involve the Vice-chairperson in an effective and efficient investigation of issues regarding food rights.

The group members shared their personal experiences about the activities they implemented in their wards. Human rights groups from the ward and Rural Municipality level, Tapta Bahadur Gurung and Manisha Singh Tharu, respective Chairperson and Vice-chairperson of Rasi Sonari Rural Municipality participated in the discussion.

INSEC has been running initiative programs in Rapti Sonari Rural Municipality for the past four years for local community awareness and ensuring the accountability of responsible bodies.


Lakshmi Tharu