INSEC Concludes Environmental Rights Workshop in Saptari

  July 11, 2023

On July 10, Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Madhesh Province successfully concluded a workshop on environmental rights in Dakneshwari Municipality of Saptari. During the conference, Mayor Ramlakhan Malaha emphasized the need for comprehensive development of children and announced plans for public awareness programs focusing on education, health, and cleanliness. Recognizing the multi-sectoral impact of environmental degradation, Mayor Malaha urged everyone to unite in the protection and improvement of the environment.

Mayor Malaha highlighted the importance of clean homes as a prerequisite for a clean society and pledged to adopt a policy of one house and one tree. He expressed his commitment to making development environmentally friendly and respectful of human rights. During a school inspection, Mayor Malaha emphasized the importance of cleanliness and urged the utilization of the skills and knowledge acquired through various trainings.

INSEC representative Manohar Kumar Pokharel emphasized the risks posed to citizens’ lives, dignity, and respect due to environmental issues. He called for the guarantee of the right to live in a clean environment and the balanced advancement of the environment and development.

Prior to the workshop, participants engaged in a group discussion on environmental problems, challenges, and solutions, and presented various demands to the municipality. Representatives from the group, including Chandni Kumari Mandal, Mahadev Mandal, Jaya Narayan Sharma, 10 students from Janata Rameshwar Memorial Secondary School in Brahmapur, Dakneshwari Municipality-7, and Shyam Kumar Raut, a ninth-grade student from Hira Fekni Secondary School in Banaula, Dakneshwari Municipality-10, drew attention to problem-solving aspects.

These individuals, who are also members of the child rights awareness group formed within their school, highlighted the importance of conducting awareness programs, organizing drain cleanings, maintaining clean pools, banning open toilets, providing dustbins, managing perishable and non-perishable waste separately, ensuring access to clean drinking water and toilets, and properly managing old vehicles and deceased animals. They also advocated for licensed shops.

The seminar, attended by municipal representatives and branch heads, was facilitated by Barun Basyal, the focal person of the Human Rights Education program.


IMG_20230710_141411Manohar Kumar Pokhrel