INSEC Completes Province-level Workshop On Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights

  May 10, 2023


Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) Madhes Province Office, Janakpurdham, completed a workshop seminar on the responsibility and role of the provincial government in the area of economic, social, and cultural rights in Lalgarh of Dhanusha on May 8, 2023.

The Chief Guest of the program, Speaker of the Madhes Province Assembly, Ramchandra Mandal, mentioned that economic prosperity is necessary for the creation of an equal society and said that the province should address all the issues that affect the lives of the citizens.

Speaker Mandal said, “The state should make proper arrangements for education, health, and employment. Commercialization has now taken place, in the name of education and health. Young people are forced to go to the Gulf countries for employment and work in 50-degree temperatures. Therefore, the government should take serious steps in this regard.”

Province Assembly member, Sharda Devi Thapa, said that even though the province has made policies and laws, no action are taken until the complaints are received from the victims, so there is a need for the activists to carry out public awareness programs in local wards and community levels. She said that the law is a paper document but its practical implementation aspect is weak.

Provincial Assembly member Thapa emphasized that representatives of civil society should monitor whether people’s representatives realize their responsibilities and obligations.

Provincial Assembly member, Chandan Kumar Singh, emphasized that the government should bring policies and programs to fulfill the economic, social, and cultural rights of Dalit, poor and marginalized communities by identifying the problems of those communities. They should include the concept of real statistical development. He said that he will take the initiative to ensure the rights of citizens by creating programs and laws for the issues raised in the program.

Birendra Kumar Thakur, the Chief Advocate of Madhes Province, stressed that the reason for the low literacy rate of Madhes Province compared to other provinces should be investigated to carry out the student recruitment campaign effectively. He said that the rights of the citizens are only guaranteed by the implementation of the formatted laws.

Manju Khatiwada, head of the Madhes Province Office of the National Human Rights Commission, said that the state has not yet fulfilled its role in the field of economic, social, and cultural rights. She said that the province should prioritize such issues.

Abdhesh Kamat, Vice Chairperson of the Nepal Journalist Federation, Dhanusha, emphasized the need to pay attention to centralized development and the need to fulfill food safety and health rights.

Sunita Singh Budhathoki, Deputy Mayor of Mithila Municipality emphasized that the economic, social, and cultural rights of the citizens that were discussed should be included in the provincial government’s policies and programs, and implemented with significant priority.

Shravan Kumar Nayak, Acting Director of Madhes Province Health Directorate said that because all citizens are not aware of the rights and laws regarding health rights. There has been no significant improvement in the health sector. He said that due to insufficient budget allocated by the government in the health sector, quality health services could not be provided.

In the program, INSEC Madhes Province Coordinator Raju Paswan gave a presentation on the economic, social, and cultural rights of citizens, mentioning that Nepal ratified the International Convention on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights1966, on 14th May 1991.

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Ajay Kumar Sah