Human Rights Group Conducts Cleaning Program

  September 9, 2021

Human Rights Group in Narayani Municipality of Dailekh formed under INSEC has cleaned the road leading to Tudikhel Dhara from District Court following Shanti Colony on September 11.

According to the coordinator of the Human Rights group, Rekha Thapa; 300 metres road from Jwalamukhi Hotel to Shanti Colony has been cleaned by the group since thrones and bushes were making the roads narrow and dirty.


According to Coordinator Thapa, the cleanliness program was carried out with the involvement of Executive Member of the Municipality Shankar Bayalkoti, Member of the Ward Ramesh KC, Ward Secretary Gopal Shrestha along with the members of Human Rights Group.


According to the group, problem identification and formation of action plan on drinking water management in different places of Narayan Municipality, land attainment for the landless in Ratamata-Namunabasti including management of agriculture, education and health-related issues was discussed under the supervision of people’s representative.

Amar Sunar