Half Yearly Review of Human Rights Year Book Held

  July 1, 2019

The pre-review of Human Rights Year Book-2020 was held in Diktel of Khotang on July 1.

The program was organized by INSEC in a hall of District Coordination Committee. During the program, incidents of human rights violation collected from January 2019  by the INSEC district representative Ramdhan Rai was reviewed.

In the district 20 people were victims of human rights violation during the six months period of which seven were girls and 10 were women.

Majority of incidents were of rape in which four girls and two women were victims according to data. Similarly, three girls were victims of sexual abuse and five women of attempted rape.

During the period, two incidents of killing, two of beating and one of attempted rape were documented. There was one incident of child marriage documented in a period.

Speaking at the program, the participants praised INSEC for highlighting the human rights situation of the country through Year Book.

Ramdhan Rai