Half-yearly review for the publication of Nepal Human Rights Year Book Completed 

  June 17, 2022

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has completed the half-yearly review of  Nepal Human Rights Yearbook 2023 for the confirmation and reconfirmation of the documented incidents.

INSEC district representative, Kopila Timalsina presented 30 incidents of human rights violation and abuses recorded from January 2022 to April 2022.

Among the recorded cases of violence, four were of polygamous marriage, one of dowry, ten of attempt to rape, one of beating, three of killing and one of witchcraft allegation.

According to her, there were total of 37 victims and 53 accused in recorded 30 cases.

In the program, Sonelal Ram, Dalit rights activist informed that the Dalits are deprived of easy access to right to live along with right to education, health, food and housing.

Prabhakumari Ram, Dalit activist noted lack of collective voice in the issues of human rights as the reason behind increasing cases of violence against Dalits.

Kuntidevi Sah, one of the Participants in the program informed that the women are more vulnerabel to domestic violence and due the tendency of reconciling these cases victims have often been re-victimized in the same case. She further emphasized on the need of safe shelter homes for the victims of domestic violence.

Amar Mandal, Secretary of Human Rights Group, Garud, stated that human rights has been enshrined as a fundamental rights under the constitution hence, exercising those rights is inherent right of the citizens.

He also informed that the police officials are reluctant to provide information about the detainees once they are arrested.

Pramod Ram, one of the participants, shared that the country will be developed and everyone will get equal access to their rights only if let the right holders put the questions.

Ramraja Keshari, Inspector of area police office, garud informed that the police are working to ensure justice to the victims.

He further stated that the police has be abide by rules and regulations and cannot reveal the information randomly. He expressed his commitment in facilitating and revealing the information to those who ask for it as per the law.

Punam Kumari Chaudhary, Mayor of Garud Municipality expressed her commitment in working to resolve the problems faced by the citizens in her Municipality.

She further stated that she will always be on the favour of justice as the leader and representative of local judicial committee.

Kopila Timalsina