Half Yearly Preview Held

  July 21, 2016

A half yearly preview program on human rights violation incident was held in Morang district. In six months period there were total of 51 incidents of Human Rights violation documented in the district.


INSEC district representative Indira Bhattarai had presented the incidents on Human Rights Violation during the program held in Biratnagar on June 30.


According to her a maximum number of domestic violence related incidents were documented over the period of six months. This includes 29 incidents of domestic violence. There were total of 12 incident rape including two incidents of child rape.


Speaking at the program, INSEC chief secretary Ramesh Chandra Paudel said that there has been increasing trend in human rights violation incidents in the district.


He further said that everyone’s support is necessary as INSEC alone cannot cover whole area of human rights with limited resources.


CDO Toyam Rai of Morang Distrioct said that it is possible to reduce the incidents on Human Rights violation only by adopting proper legal framework. He added that Human Rights Year Book is an important report.


Similarly, SP Sandeep Bhandari of DPO Morang said that state is responsible for the protection of Human Rights however it is not possible from single effort as everyone’s support is essential.


Ganesh lamsal, central member of FNJ said that monitoring and evaluation is equally important as collection of incidents.
INSEC district representative Kali bahadur Malla of Kalikot said that over the period of six months the district was affected in education by Band, starvation, sexual abuse and nine incidents of inhumane behaviour.


Bhawana Shah, chairperson of District Women Coordination Committee said that it is shameful for society that the women violence incident is being increased in the district. She added that “We are expecting a modern society, and still the women violence is rampant in society”.


CPN UML District president Nagendra Shahi said that the human rights issues used to be raised only during social movement or agitation, however even now there are serious incidents on human rights violation in the society.


Nepali Congress district member Nagendra Bista showed his concern that there are still serious incidents on human rights violation prevailing in society. It is necessary that rights activists and organisations must work being bias in human rights sector said CPN Maoist centre chairperson Dharma Raj Shahi.


INSEC Sarlahi district representative Santosh Kumar Singh said that over the period of six months period two incidents of  murder, five of rape and 19 incidents on domestic violence were documented.