Executive Director of INSEC Requests for Honest Documentation of the Works Accomplished

  January 14, 2022

The Executive Director of INSEC, Mr. Bijay Raj Gautam has requested the participants of the project orientation to honestly document the works accomplished by them. The program was organized by INSEC Lumbini Province with the assistance of DCA on January 13 and 14, 2022.

He urged the participants to be clear about the project and all the projects of INSEC have a definite timeline, therefore they should be completed honestly within the stipulated time.
He further informed that INSEC’s project will also facilitate the Human Rights Year Book so discussions should be held on how the programs are operating and how to make them a success.
Coordinator of INSEC Lumbini Provincial Office Bhola Mahat said that the activities under DCA and CISU project were discussed in the meeting.

During the meeting, Narayan Subedi, Coordinator of Karnali Provincial Office informed about the achievements of the project, learning and challenges of DCA project and how to move forward in the coming days.

Smriti Devkota