Earthquake Victims Demanded for Grant increment To Make House

  August 30, 2016

The earthquake victims have demanded the government to increase the grant amount to make house. They demanded the increment while speaking at the public hearing program on “Condition of earthquake victims and Re construction” organized by INSEC on August 29 at Raluka Secondary School in Nuwakot Raluka Devi-1.

Chepe Tamang of Ralukadevi-9 said that Rs 200,000 provided by the government is not enough to make house and said that if the government increases the amount, they can make earthquake proof houses.

She added that the grant amount is spent on transportation alone.

Kalpana Gautam of Ralukadevi-5 said that the decision of whether to provide fund or not has to be decided immediately as real victim’s name is missing. She further complained that real victim’s name is missing and those name are included who have house in city.

Speaking at the program, Roj Kumar Thapa of CPN UML said that the grant agreement of most of the victims have been halted due to the land issues and further stressed that government must implement immediate policy to solve this problem.

VDC secretary Hridaya Raj Uoadhyaya, assistant health worker Khadga Bahadur Basnet and engineer Kuber Singh of National Reconstruction Authority had answered the queries of victims.