Earthquake Victim Accuses on Being Bias while Distributing Beneficiries ID Cards

  August 18, 2016

The earthquake victims complained that due to the negligence and biasness of data department, names of real earthquake victims were missed. They further said that they will not agree for grant until all names of victims are not included.

The victims expressed their views while speaking at the public hearing program organised by INSEC at Charikot in Dolakha on August 17.

Most of the victims said that there was biasness while distributing beneficiary identity cards. They said that only person with a access is able to get a card.

Engineer Ram Ji Thapa of Bhimeshwor Municipality said that real victims were missed because the data department have neglected Municipality while doing a family survey.

CPN UML leader and former DDC member Bharat KC said that the party will initiate to include missed families and further said that grant agreement must be halted until real data of family is not included and data collectors were not charged.