District Level Human Rights Watch Committee Formed

  December 27, 2016

The District level Human Rights Committee has been Reformed in Taulihawa of Kapilbastu on December 26 under the project of making stakeholders accountable by making local community aware. The committee was formed with a chairmanship of Maya Gyawali with 11 members.

The committee was formed under the project which will be operated in the district from 2016 till 2019. The aim of the project is to make women, children, Dalit, indigenous and backward community aware of their rights by making the concerned stakeholders accountable.

The member of the committee includes Pravin Shrewastav, District chairperson of NGO federation, Rabindra Thaku of MAHURI Homes, Ram Dayal Thakur, district chairperson of Human Rights organization, Maya Nepali, chairperson of Dalit and women Federation of the district, Pushpa Regmi, chairperson of Accountability Watch Committee. INSEC district representative Nanda ram Paudel has been selected as secretary member of the committee.

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